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P Das wrote:I finished my SCEA 5 (all parts) as on January 2010; hence, I am now PMP + SCEA

Is there any taker in India: particularly Hyderabad or Bangalore?

Salary: negotiable.

There is something called privacy. Why are you exposing your salary on public forum?
12 years ago
I think they do recruit
15 years ago
I am having 4.5+exp in java and wrote the exam yesterday.

Preparation: I was hardly able to study anything because of hectic office work. Just did some mock tests before exam. I feel exam was quite easy as compare to mock test available.

I am thinking what I should do next. I am having XML/UML certification.
Brainbench Certifications in XML, XML Concepts, XSL, Java 2 Fundamentals, Java 2, Java Server Pages (JSP 1.2), Java 2 Platform Enterprise Edition (J2EE), EJB 2.0 Fundamentals, Java - EJB 2.0, E-Commerce Concepts, Programming Concepts, Computer Fundamental (win95/98), JavaScript, HTML and Information Technology Industry Knowledge

Expert Rating certification in XML

I have short listed SCDjWS/scbcd/bea Weblogic 8.1/SCEA

Do I really need more certification?
I worked with Oracle Corp and now working with one of largest Investment bank of Wall Street.

Please suggest me
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16 years ago
Go to NIIT, Bandra Hill Road, Opp to police station.

They charge 6790 bucks.
visit this group and see the database section 2
16 years ago
CSC send the people onsite within 2-3 month of joining, but only for short term 2-3 months.
16 years ago
Hi Rachers,

Any idea about cyber Think( company? I got offer from this company. They are offering $ 55K ? Is it worthful to accept the offer?

Anybody can tell me living cost in NJ on sharing basis.

Thanks in advance,
16 years ago
Do u think investing in Acer notebook is good option?

How rough and tough it is ? Durability?

I am looking at value for money

As we know IBM is top brand to buy a laptop.

But Acer is cheep

I am planing for this Model.¶m=c2lkQ29udGFpbmVyPTAwMDUwMDAwMDIxYSZzdWlkPTAwMDIwMDAwMDBmYg%3D%3D

16 years ago

Starting Sun track SCJP,SCBCD,SCDWS and so on
[ June 25, 2005: Message edited by: Sandeep Singh ]
Hi All,

Today I passed the exam with 86% .

My preparation materials : (time about 1.5 months)

Fowler's UML Distilled 2nd edition, and
Larman's Applying UML and Patterns

Notes published on this website

Test question published on this website

- ICE exam

- quizes by Mikalai Zaikin

Special thanks to Mikalai Zaikin.

Thanks and Regards,
Sandeep Singh
That is very basic question about SOAP. This way you can say lots of questions are identical.
[ April 12, 2005: Message edited by: Sandeep Singh ]