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Recent posts by Prabhat Dhanrajgir

thanks srini...

but i have tried that also. I printed the query on console and from there copied it back to the toad and it worked.

So the query works on toad, i copy it from there into my java code it flops, and from java code or console i copy it back on toad and it works again. This is kind of a thing that defies logic.

Can u think of any other remedies...

waiting for any more suggestions
thanks adeel for the reply but that is not so as i am giving the exact query which is working in toad so the no. of values given is indeed equal to the no. of columns in the table.
hi guys...

i am using an insert query which works fine when i run it on toad and shows one row inserted. But when i use the same query in my java code using jdbc,
the purpose fails and in the logs the error comes as "not enough values" that is a SQL exception.

I am not able to comprehend that a query that works fine on toad fails in jdbc.

The code which i use is as :

String insert_val2 = "insert into listing values (a huge array of values)";
DBPSaccess dbp2 = new DBPSaccess(insert_val2);
boolean y = dbp2.insert();

i have checked there is no problem in connection or statement object.

I need help quickly guys so please pour in your suggestions

Thanking in advance.