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Recent posts by Avijeet Dash

Dear All,
I read through all the posts related the JCombobox in Jtable problems. I have a similar problem, where the JComboBox looses focus and the key events which normally work in JComboBox, doesn't work when its inside a table.
It's the keySelectionManager functionality.
Does anybody know how and where to enforce focus to a component. I tried keyPressed event handler to requestfocus for combo, but doesn't help.
any breakthroughs in JComboBox, JTable focus problems?
20 years ago
can anybody help me know how much these tests cost (preferrably in india) and how to prepare for them?
and probably some overall experiences with this certification.
[ February 12, 2002: Message edited by: Avijeet Dash ]
20 years ago
I just checked it again, and the code and the UML are in sync.
what is not in sync?
thanks again.
i am sorry, could't read through attentively.
but the exampel u have given is not really an example of abstract factory.
it's actually a method that should be used to create appropriate concretefactories.
pl. see is this helps http://www.ciol.com/content/technology/sw_desg_patt/101061802.asp
no certificates buddy - only the exam pass report.
most used patterns are iterator, singleton, factory method, template method.
most useful patterns, almost every pattern.
the ones i like most
facade, decorator, visitor, builder.

the ones i don't understand well
command, proxy (understand can't appreciate).
Your case seems a perfect example of strategy not template method. In case of template method there sud be a mjor chunk of functionality which is shared across sub classes. s all that can be put in the template method which needs no override.
U can also use template method while using strategies. Its just a method which forces the subclasses to use it.

the performance depends on the proportion on how many times more of the requests get handled at top level objects rather than lower level objects in the tree.

pl. read more at http://ciol.com/content/technology/sw_desg_patt/
ok, give me a chance to explain.
Template Method
The idea here is 'subclasses don't override the main template method, they simply override some of the steps in the alogorithm, which are some primitive methods called in template method.'
so basic idea is to avoid the call super.method() in overriding methods. and to capture all the steps of an algorithm in one method in the abstract class.
this is for pluggable algorithms, if u put different algorithms in diffrent classes, it will be easy to switch between them in the client code where u use them.
let me know if u r not clear.
pl. read more here http://ciol.com/content/technology/sw_desg_patt/
the link that you passed is not displaying the pages in right order? any comments

thanks for checking it out.
I see the page all right, the order of patterns is of course reversed.
let me know what exactly is wrong. thanks.
I have been away from this group for a while now, but i have been real busy with patterns.
and finished a tutorial on all 23 patterns at http://www.ciol.com/content/technology/sw_desg_patt/
any form of discussion is appriciated.
i have a vague feeling that lot of tools/ides/frameworks are getting developed for faster (RAD) j2ee application development.
u guys have any wisdom in it?
21 years ago
i guess, u r right....
immutable objects are not first-class objects.
This exam, the good think is you don't have to spend that much time browsing. This is more of a internalization process where u start thinking in terms of uml digrams. or may be some ooad concepts. so the books are more than enough. there are lot of sites as such on ooad but not targeted for this exam.
It should go into a different box down the boxes in the middle layer/tier.