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I do not have this specific book, but I have read some of the head first books and they are very easy to learn from.
16 years ago
the only problem I have with the PSP is the UMD disks that sony developed, they are supposed to have relatively poor load times. Also spinning a disk takes up a lot of power that would be salvaged with a cartidge based system.

I will be getting one in January, so I will keep you all posted on how it is.
16 years ago
Sorry I forgot about this thread!

The review is in the message boards, I will put a direct link at the bottom! As for the backwards compatibility, YES it will play the GBA games, but not the older gameboy games. Since the DS games are in a completely different style cartridge (actually card) they had to build in a port specifically for the gba games.
16 years ago
I got a chance to play this at my store last night and I am very glad I have mine pre-ordered and payed for!

I wrote a full review at my website
17 years ago
I have a crap load of live games, catch me by the name of

bobrocks LOB
17 years ago
yes, prepared statements make life a breeze! Special characters will never give you any problems, they put less strain on the DB, they are just altogether a wonderful thing!
no problem, glad I could help! I remember when I was just getting started and that site was a huge help! If you need any more help, feel free to let me know, I would be more than happy to lend a hand.

you still need some sort of an ID for the row ex

id name age gpa
1 dan 23 3.0
2 dan 20 2.8
3 mike 21 3.3

then if you want to update you do it like this

update table set name=dan, age=23, gpa=3.1 where id = 2;

if you did it like this

update table set name=dan, age=23, gpa=3.1 where name = dan;
it would change all data where the name is dan, this would create bad data.

you can set up the id field using a sequence (in oracle) or an auto-increment in mysql

no offence at all, but it seems you are pretty new to databases and sql, might i suggest a GREAT site to get you started. and after you get through that

these helped me when I was just starting out, they let you build a database on there server as you are going thorough the course. Best part is that you never have to leave the page!


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if you use and the result set is null, you will probably need to use a do while instead of just a while for the loop... never had a problem myself though, maybe if we had some more info on your specific problem.
Are you trying to run a procedure?

hope this helps!

this is probably the best place to get started on your journey, this handles the basics of programming for the j2me platform.
17 years ago
I think he was looking for a resource that someone used that helped them out, one that is known to be a quality resource.
Sure I'll post my code!

Page one needs to create the checkboxes (all the same name)

Page two then needs to place them in a string;

you can then use the string in your sql statement

this should work with prepared statements OR regular statements, all I tested was prepared.

I hope this helps somebody!

PS thanks for the efforts Srini, but we had that part, we actually needed the question to the answer! Think 42!

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oops, I figured it out, I am just a moron!