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Recent posts by monnlq

Is this possible "Single-Request/Multiple-Response"
The client sent a Soap Request for update files, and receive these files in different response.

Client Request ----->
Happy Client <----- Response 1 File 1
Happy Client <----- Response 2 File 2
16 years ago
Hi guys, how can i convert a Zip file into a Byte Array and vice versa..........i'm trying to send the zip file using web services to a mobile device, thanks
16 years ago
Hi Mikalai, Do you have a .doc, .txt or pdf? format of your SCJP 5.0 study guide? (for printing) if it is ok, if not, thanks for a great study guide, its helping me and others like me a lot.
17 years ago
If �Sun Certified Associate for the Java 2 Platform, Version 1.0� will be the brand new entry level Java certification? Will it be a prerequisite for the SCJP exam???
SCJA --> SCJP --> SCJD ???

and how about this version number "version 1.0"
[ March 12, 2005: Message edited by: monn quial ]
thanks, i'll prepare for the scjp 5.0 exam, can't wait to have ur book on that, thanks
Hello, I�m planning to start studying for the SCJP 1.4 exam this December, but J2SE 5.0 was recently released�..will java discontinue the cert for 1.4 when 5.0 exams became available? Do you think it�s still worth the time to study for the SCJP 1.4 exam? Thanks,