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I have written the following webservice

1) server-side (Skeleton):

2) einer wsdd-datei: (ausschnitt: das service-tag

The webservice is deployd on the server and if i try to connect with my Client (Stub) to the service, everything is fine

My problem:

my webservice must be document/literal, because I don't use an own Client but a Client integrated in Infopath (Microsoft Office Tool, which must have an document(literal-webservice). This means, that the service-tag in the wsdd-file must contain the attributes
I've tried it also with style=�wrapped�, but Infopath seems not to understand the wrapped-style.

If I try to deploy my webservice (wsdd-file) with
axis 1.1 could not create a wsdl-file, so I can't call my service:-(
axis shows the following error if i try to view the wsdl-file on

This only happens, if my webservice-method returns a complex type like an aaray of strings (String[]). If the service returns a single String instead of an array everything seems to work fine.

Can anybody tell me, where my mistake is?

thank you for your help!!!

17 years ago

I would like to have a webserivce with java/axis(1.1), which should define a methode with a return type String[]/Vector.
To my disappointment i couldn't find any good tutorial abaout "writing a wsdd-file"

1) has anybody explored any tutorial/howto/... about writing a wsdd
2) could anybody give me please an example of the wsdd-file which deploys a webservice that has a method returning an array or vector.

thank you for help!!

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17 years ago

the interisting point would be the client-code an the location of your wsdl-file on the server.
In your client you should define a service like this:

Service service = serviceFactory.createService(new QName(uri, serviceName));

i guess, you have set a wrong value for uri, which should be a String which "shows" the path to aour wsdl-file on the server

z.b. String uri = "http://yourserver:8080/axis/services/yourservice?wsdl";

hope it helps

17 years ago

it really works!!
the only thing I had to change was to append the
to the end of the command like this:

THANK YOU A LOT!!! Now I can sleep again + I am really happy :roll:
17 years ago
Hello together,

I'm trying to deploy a webservice with axis/soap, which is not rpc/encoded (as usual?) but document/literal.

-1) I wrote a java-file "" and compiled the clas=> Xy.class

-2) I used the tool java2WSDL:
java2WSDL -o xy.wsdl -l"http://localhost/axis/WEB-INF/classes" -n"urn:xy"
-p"Xy" "urn:xy" xy.Xy
everything is fine. I retrieve a Xy.wsdl-file.
The file contains among other things the following code:

I replaced rpc with document 81 time) and encoded with literal (2 times)

-3) after that I run the tool WSDL2java
WSDL2Java -o "d:/uddi/wsdl2java" -d Session -s -S true -N"urn:xy" "xy" Xy.wsdl
-everything is fine. I've got 6 java-files and the deploy.wsdd and undeploy.wsdd

-4) now I loaded up my classes on the tomcat server at the directory
tomcat/webapps/axis/Web-INF/xy and edited the file
server-config.wsdd by adding my <service>-Tag of my deploy.wsdd-file

-5) After that I reloaded the axis-application on the server

-6) On http://"server"/axis/servlet/AxisServlet I see, that my Webservice is deployed (?) the website shows among other services my service:
* classes (wsdl)
* getXythings
If I click on the wsdl-Link an error message appears:

Normally, when I deployed the rpc/encoded Webservice, I could view some xml by clicking on the wsdl-Link

Can anybody *PLEASE* tell me please what I#ve daone wrong by deploying a document/literal-Webservice?

Thanks a lot!!!


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17 years ago