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Recent posts by Imran Bhutta

i have a program thats has a data file that contains different strings like
the out put would be for this
the closest two are 3 apart in length
their indices are 0,2.

And the code so far that i have writen reads the file and checks how long each of the strngs are and it gives me what order the string is in. i have all this saved into a HashMap becasue an array list can only hold one value and hash map can hold 2. but my problem is that i cant figure out how do get the difference between the strings. the program is sapoose to find the clostest 2 and see how much they are apart by. i dont konw what to do with the hash map, becasue i cant sort the values .....

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18 years ago
i just wanted to konw how you would format the Expiry Date in the Credit Card class to give you year/month/day?

18 years ago
i need help, if i need to create a random number that has 6 numbers and then has a negitive number how would i do that..


??? any suggestions? thanks
18 years ago
ohh lol yea durrr thankx, now i have another question, if u want to make like a chart, like

0000 c 500.00
0001 c 2100.00

you would use \t right?
18 years ago
but i need that blank space to be accounted for, when it hits that blank line it need to print out invalid record.
18 years ago
i have a program that is using string tokenizer to grab a char and a double value, but the file's data is stored like this
c 500
c 21000
p 550
c 5950
c 3000
l 4000
p 4050
and so on........... where i have that arrow is where i need help how would i get string tokenizer to skip that line and IO.prinln("invalid entry") but then continue on grabing the next values such as l 4000 and p 4050... so far my code goes and prints out everthing up to c 3000 and then crashes...

18 years ago
i have a for loop and now i dont know how i would add the int values in an array?

i need it to add the vaules together and then see if its a % of 10 and if its not i have to make it which is basiclayy value of n % 10 and add the remainder, which will give me my last values. and then with these values i have to decode a string..

18 years ago
okk thankx for the loop!, but in an array how would i add the value? beacsue i need to get the total value of the number the user enteres and then i have to see if its % 10 and if it not i have to make it %10.... i konw n+n wont work beacsue its just gonna add n to the same number.
18 years ago
i have a string that a user enters like 1235432 and then i need it to extract the integer values from the string.....

i have that but it only works if there are 9 integers... can anyone help?
18 years ago