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Recent posts by sweta naidu

In your validation.xml chnage the form name=CreateScheduleForm to this. form name should be the name of the form you defined not the action path.
17 years ago
I have a situation to use valid when/requiredif.When number of years at address is less than 2 yrs i have to validate previous address.

This is the entry i have in validation.xml

<field property="prevAddressLine1" depends="required, requiredif">
<arg0 key="situation.streetAddress"/>
<arg1 key="situation.streetAddress"/>
<var-value>((numYrsAtAddr != " Less Than 24 Months"))</var-value>

prevAddressLine1 refers to form2 and numYrsAtAddr refers to form1. Is there any way i can do this??
17 years ago
You can use validator framework and tiles together. I am using tiles and validations together but i configured my tiles using tiles-def.xml file. Whenever validation fails input in the action should point to tiles definition name.
18 years ago
try this..
<html:messages id="msg" message="true" >
<bean:write name="msg"/>
18 years ago
To display data of lists.
<html: options collection = name of the list,array or collection in the request.
[ April 25, 2006: Message edited by: sweta naidu ]
18 years ago
Set the values to bean and put the bean in request and use bean:write to display....
18 years ago
changing this line
request.getSession().getServletContext().setAttribute("users", usersList);
to request.setAttribute("users", usersList); will work.
18 years ago
Make sure you included struts-bean tag in JSP.
18 years ago
I prefer myeclipse. you can get that for $35 I guess for 1yr subscription.Their website is www.myeclipseide.com.
18 years ago
return count; move that statement after catch block and try to run.
Hey All,

I am new to Jasper reports and i want to generate reports from Jsp. I want to know what all needs to be installed to run reports and what needs to be configured and what are the steps to generate report. I am using eclipse,struts framework,hibernate and jdk1.5.Thanks for the inputs.

select (max(cast(employer_num as bigint)) + 1) as NextNum from Employer where client_id = 97 and isNumeric(employer_num) = 1

this statement works in sql but hibernate is throwing exception like ( expected before).

any ideas
Thanks for the reply. I am using crystalreports version 11 and tomcat5.5 application server. and it is a enterprise.
18 years ago
I am developing a struts application and i want to call crystal report from jsp so that users can see the existing report.

The crystal report server is in the network and i have to provide authentication and then the report name. Can anyone suggest me where to start.
18 years ago