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Recent posts by srinivas bolloju

Thanks a lot for ur reply... The application is written by me only....
I have changed the security settings of the computer where i am trying to download by the help of "policytool" ., gave the permission for ... It worked !!!
But i dont think this is the solution... Since it is very difficult to change the permissions in every client machine... I think the signing of jar is required... I dont know what is signing and how to sign the jar giving the permissions required.... If you have time can you please brief me in this area??
20 years ago
Hi ,
While trying to launch an application using webstart i am getting the above error. The application is trying to write a log file named "client.log" in the client machine.
What is the solution for this problem?
Waiting anxiously for your replies,
20 years ago
my JFrame is in inactive state(i.e im moving my mouse from an another active jframe to this inactive jframe), when i enter mouse over/on it , i want to setfoucs to the jframe. Can anybody pls let me know how it can be achieved. I have tried using this.requestfocus(),, this.visible, some options like this....on mouseEntered event of inactive jframe but it doesnt work . any help is appreciated.
20 years ago
i have tried this in numerous ways but couldnt succed,still trying, here is the problem.
I have a JFrame which i have divided into so many cells using gridbaglayout, in one big cell, i placed a jpanel, it has hscroll and vscroll bars, i have to insert canvas into this panel. here is where im failing. i have used a seperate class for canvas which im instantiating and adding to this panel, not working., i have used a innerclass where im calling method which does the painting, this is also not working, it doesnt give any error. but nothing appears in my canvas... could somebody give some solution.
thanks in advance
21 years ago
i have followed java complete reference and khalid moghul for the exam. and ofcourse lot of training material available on the net.
one must also have JDK API and JLS open side by side when going through anything for preparation. Thanks to all javaranch moderators and sheriffs.
21 years ago
i have something to say to my fellow ranchers to are taking this exam in future :
sun ghio site, dan chisholm (though hard practice exams, they will test ur patience), JQ Plus, and javaranch discussions & its roundup game... helped me in achieving this. one must have a 2x hands-on practise, if x is his/her reading time. code as many examples as possible...
i will be disclosing my lots of sample code that i have practised, and other materials...very soon,
21 years ago
hi ,
i have passed scjp 1.2 with 77%
21 years ago
you definitely have to remember them.
I had one question on them.
easy ways to remember??
generally action items occur due to click.. like button/List ...
item events occur, when you select/deselect..
line checkbox...
and go on..

Originally posted by Soum Sark:
is it required that we remember which components generate which events....? for eg. Component B generates events a,b,c is that required..or just some general ones that is good to remember for eg actionevent

Thanks for the information Bruce.
I installed Tomcat im my machine..
But, how abt WAS 3.5. I heard, it has got everything..
please advise.

Originally posted by Bruce Jin:
Maybe you were talking about WTE (websphere test environment) in VAJ.
It does not support servlet 2.3/JSP 1.2.
Get Tomcat 4.X. It is much easier to use anyway.

With respect to User and Daemon threads:
a) Daemon threads can not be destroyed
b) Running User threads prevent a JVM from terminating program
c) Running Daemon threads prevent a Java VM from terminating program
d) Daemon threads can not be grouped together
e) The JVM can terminate program when only daemon threads are running
pls let me know correct answers for this above.
in my opinion, threads which we create for simple tasks using setdaemon() are daemon threads, how are these different from user threads and application threads?, when only daemon threads are running then the interpreter will exit.with that e) is true, what about other stuff?
pls help
Which of the following statements is true?
a) An interface can contain a nested top-level inner class.
b) An interface can contain a member inner class.
c) A member inner class can implement an interface.
d) A static method can contain a local class.
e) A static method can contain a nested top-level class.
i have written a small program to illustrate above, all the conditions are true according to me, pls help....
is it true that interface extends interface ?
eg's in API :
public interface List extends Collection
public interface ListIterator extends Iterator
here all List,collection,ListIterator,Iterator all are interfaces.
i thought we should implement interfaces not extend them...
pls help
thanks in advance
though this a old post,
can anyone explain me , how exactly the escape character is working here and why the output is different in the above Clement's example.
Hi Dave,
I saw your url(website used for scjp) in this forum ,in post which is almost more than 1 year back, and tried to click on it, it doesn't display anything. did u remove that site or moved it to some other location. if yes pls let me know the present url.there was also a discussion in which you were saying that "ill refine it and place other objectives"
thanks in advance
inout.writeUTF("very good dog.");overwrites inout.writeUTF("good dog."); because pointer was set to that point., but do we need to put as many inout.readUTF() as there are inout.writeUTF's, does this sound a bit odd..!!!