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Recent posts by david lightman

just go into the connection settings and raise the connection timeout interval in the admin console and restart. That way you can take all the time you want while debugging
16 years ago
seeing the exact same issue. IE is connecting to IBM http server (apache) and will not open the excel doc. However firefox works fine.

we do not want to change the registry for each client and would rather make the change on the IHS. It appears we need to make this change in httpd.conf? something called mod_headers??

any help is appreciated. thanks
16 years ago
Well, when I was a J2EE/Java Developer I guess I was somewhat of a hacker/cowboy many moons ago and perhaps this person just held on to that. But honestly...Call it what you want, hacker, cowboy whatever..Sometimes I still feel you need someone who questions things and has a knack for figuring out the most complex problems on the fly.

Thank you for the feedback. I will use this as motivation and a learning experience and keep it to myself while I transistion.

I guess I have just never understood why people are so inclined to try and hold other back and/or put them down. It's rather sad actually.

Anyway, I have been coming here for so many years, I'm glad I posted this to get feedback here. Thanks again.
16 years ago
So basically I have been working for a big Company and in same dept as an IT guy for many years. Been promoted a few times after i started as a coder. Im an architect over several high profile projects and recently was promoted. I have basically designed and implemented some entire systems, so it will be hard to replace me, but as you all know EVERYONE can be replaced so some young architect will find his way and pick up where i left off. I have worked extremely hard and am happy but a friend of mine mentioned that another peer(who did not know I was close with this person) said many people are sorry to see me go but but a couple see it as a good thing. He went on to say it is sometimes good to let go of a "cowboy" like me. He continued to call me "cowboy" to my friend.

Needless to say I was somewhat hurt to hear something like that, but honestly I dont know what a "cowboy" means. It made me somewhat bitter since I had bailed this architect out of many issues their own project. It was on my mind all day, and I could only think that: a) they always felt that way and it came out b) jealous of my promotion or c)now they have full control without me interfering with questions of "why, please explain".

Anyway, what gives??
I have never said anything bad about anyone and still do not intend to confront this person. I'm moving up so I dont care to. But I am curious they meant.

what does "cowboy" mean?? and what do you think this is about?

I did find a quote on the internet:

The cowboy is the guy everyone depends on in the IT department; they know how to do a job that others do not. When they're not around, IT is less productive and they are not easily replaced. In many ways, they are too valuable, even dangerously so.

but I also know a cowboy coder is a hacker-type that codes with reckless abandon, what do you think??

thanks alot
16 years ago
I am thinking of also taking this exam. I have been reading through some of the redbooks but there does not appear to be a clearly defined study regimen aside from the ibm site that pretty much just says take an IBM class and read all the redbooks...10,000+ pages....

Interesting thread.

From my experience web applications are able to run much lower heap size that transactions that utilize EJB's, have XA enable transactions, and lengthy DB calls from the DAO layer.

alot depends also if you have the application clustered so many jvms can concurrently process your transactions. If your data gets required large buffers, you obviously need more heap.

My question is, where did you get the min values you posted? (512 iseries/ 768 linux/windows) can you provide a link?

And what was the 45gig in reference to? not websphere' jbm heap size.

the limit was 800MB for a very long time in zLinux, Im curious to know the max for each platform.

17 years ago

25% of the posts are moderators asking people to change their name to conform to their naming policy...
seems so goofy to me.

Having a naming convention is perfectly fine, but....i mean we are all programmers right?

so why not put validation within the register form?
so people MUST conform to your naming standards or they cannot register...

isn't that simple?

so goofy...
[ September 02, 2006: Message edited by: david lightman ]
17 years ago

Sorry Arun, no time to answer such generic questions

what the?
you must read the exception.

If you are trying to code j2ee components with MQ you must at least understand how to read the exception from here out so you can be successful and please refer to the Websphere manuals afterwards.

the exception clearly says Comp Code 2, Reason code 2031. Therefore...

An MQPUT or MQPUT1 call was issued to put a message on a queue, but the message was
too long for the queue manager and MQMF_SEGMENTATION_ALLOWED was not specified
in the MsgFlags field in MQMD. If segmentation is not allowed, the length of the message
cannot exceed the lesser of the queue and queue-manager MaxMsgLength attributes.
This reason code can also occur when MQMF_SEGMENTATION_ALLOWED is specified, but
the nature of the data present in the message prevents the queue manager splitting it into
segments that are small enough for the queue-manager limit:
v For a user-defined format, the smallest segment that the queue manager can create is 16
v For a built-in format, the smallest segment that the queue manager can create depends on
the particular format, but is greater than 16 bytes in all cases other than MQFMT_STRING
(for MQFMT_STRING the minimum segment size is 16 bytes).
MQRC_MSG_TOO_BIG_FOR_Q_MGR can also occur in the Feedback field in the message
descriptor of a report message; in this case it indicates that the error was encountered by a
message channel agent when it attempted to put the message on a remote queue.
This reason also occurs if a channel, through which the message is to pass, has restricted the
maximum message length to a value that is actually less than that supported by the queue
manager, and the message length is greater than this value.
On z/OS, this return code is issued only if you are using CICS for distributed queuing.
Otherwise, MQRC_MSG_TOO_BIG_FOR_CHANNEL is issued.
Corrective action: Check whether the BufferLength parameter is specified correctly; if it is, do
one of the following:
v Increase the value of the queue-manager �s MaxMsgLength attribute; the queue�s MaxMsgLength
attribute may also need increasing.
v Break the message into several smaller messages.
v Specify MQMF_SEGMENTATION_ALLOWED in the MsgFlags field in MQMD; this will
allow the queue manager to break the message into segments.
v Check the channel definitions.

fix it accordingly and you are set to go. Good luck to you
[ September 02, 2006: Message edited by: david lightman ]
17 years ago
Hi I have everything working in my stateless session bean(SLSB) but unit testing is a bit awkward to say the least.

I have a SLSB that uses JMS to send messages and have several other methods in the bean. I wrote a quick Messgedriven bean to call the SLSB when i simply drop a text message onto a queue that the MDB is listening to and it also works great but this seems so overkill and I want to write a Junit to test my SLSB methods. The lookup continues to fail even though I call it exactly the same.

must I have to use mock ejb or something else besides a simple Junit?

has anyone ran into this issue? pleas help

18 years ago
looking at options, to use a stateless session bean or singleton to put messages on queues in a websphere server.

is there any advantage to one over the other?
[ February 18, 2006: Message edited by: david lightman ]
ok this seems like a simple question ,but here goes..

basicalli I have a session bean that uses a pojo utility class that simply reads in an XML file using document builder like:

Document doc = new docBuilder.parse(new File("C:/myfile.xml"));

and works perfectly.

But I do not want it to be external to the EAR and read from my hard drive, I want to put in inside and built from with the EAR.

how do i go about acheiving this? what dir do i put the xml file so it gets found..

[ February 12, 2006: Message edited by: david lightman ]
18 years ago
anyone out there know the answer to this?
18 years ago
this seems like a pretty straight task, but just wanted clarification.

I want to have a properties file outside the app/EAR using WSAD/RAD- that loads during was test server startup and so i can simply swap out a file and restart the server again with different params etc, are these normally just placed in the properties directory (although im using WSAD/RSA6/RAD6 in prd we use only was5.1)

can anyone elaborate?

what exactly do i do?
[ January 23, 2006: Message edited by: david lightman ]
18 years ago
this is a simple problem. the answer is in the your long stack printout
" Reason 2059 "

18 years ago