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Recent posts by Balaji Anand

I have SCBCD, SCWCD, SCJP... i need a simple book to give an intro to struts 2.
14 years ago
I am interested in the Struts 2 part.I am new to struts though. Update me if it is ok.
14 years ago
I want to take scjp in chennai... where can i get the voucher and what is the current rate?
i installed only the Glassfish hoping to do everything by myself...
I tried "ant deploy" from the EJB 3in action it fails with
Buildfile: build.xml

C:\NoBackup\Java\EJB\Action\Session\build.xml:9: Cannot find ../common.xml impor
ted from C:\NoBackup\Java\EJB\Action\Session\build.xml

Total time: 0 seconds
Ok which IDE shd i go with now?
something simple and does the job?
[ September 29, 2008: Message edited by: Srividhya Anand ]

I extracted the RemoteInterface ,Bean and the client compiled them separately
Created a jar with RemoteInterface and bean.
Deployed the jar to the server with the Name :HelloUser

Now... How do i run the client? I am using Glassfish

thanks... the ant script is successful. i didnt change to the glassfish directory after i changed the path.
I added C:\Java\Glassfish\glassfish\lib\ant\bin to my path and now the
ant -f setup.xml returns me
Buildfile: setup.xml does not exist!
Build failed

Any help?

My Directory Structure

C:\Java\JDK -> Java 1.6
C:\Java\SDK -> JAVA EE
C:\Java\Glassfish -> Glassfish

What i did
1. Installed Java 1.6
2. installed Java EE
3. Env Variables
J2EE_HOME to C:\Java\SDK
JAVA_Home to C:\Java\JDK\bin
added C:\Java\SDK\bin;C:\Java\JDK\bin to PATH
added %J2EE_HOME%\lib\j2ee.jar to CLASSPATH
4. ran
java -Xmx256m -jar glassfish-installer-v2ur2-b04-windows.jar from its location and got installation complete.

When i run
ant -f setup.xml i get the command not recognized error...
I didnt install ant separately since it said it is optional
I havent used ant before plese help me how to get this up and running.

Other questions
1)I get command not recognized for j2ee -verbose the new version installation different from the old?
2) the same error i get when i try java -version with only the JAVA_HOME and the path variable not added c:\Java\SDK\bin.

J2EE_HOME and JAVA_HOME has no effect now?

3)the Java EE said it has Glassfish in it... --- i got the 160MB version. Is it the same as the Glassfish i am trying to install separately?

Inspite of this errors i am able to log to he admin console
[ September 28, 2008: Message edited by: Srividhya Anand ]
Thanks... why i asked the question about the book is... the Oreilly book is published in 2006... does it still hold good?

I am starting on SCBCD 5.0. Would like to know
1. Which one of EJB 3 in Action or Enterprise JavaBeans 3.0 (5th Edition) (O'Reilly Media) or Pro EJB 3: Java Persistence API (Pro) , is the best one to start with... if I have to read more than one please let me know which topics are covered well in which book.

2. which server? glassfish/Jboss... what you are all using for the preparation.Do you recomend a book for that?which one?

one obvious reason these days is the "exam fee"... i have also done my SCJP,SCBCD (EJB 2.0) , SCWCD... when i think of the upgrade and the 300$ fee... i am also thinking to take up Microsoft ones for 125$(u get 15% off with coupons in most books)... Difficut for Stdents and non working professionals to spend that much on a exam.

Hope everyone would agree..

I am sorry that i dont know where to post this question and since i am in the process of doing my SCBCD 5.0 i posted it here.

I would like to get a Digital Reader for the pdf books i have. Has anyone tried any of the readers ? any inputs?
Will i be able to fit the full page on the reader? or will the text size be too small?

15 years ago

I think it costs less in india... like around 4000-6000... check the offers.
Regarding Whizlabs... i didnt use it for all the 3 exams i took... i did lot of practice and read the spec when ever necessary... Opinions differ based on how much time you can devote ... but this is what i did.

Good luck

I have cleared SCJP 1.4, SCBCD (ejb2.0) and SCWCD...
I thought of taking the SCJP Java 6 upgrade but the 300$ exam fee shocks me...
should i go for it or the SCBCD (ejb3.0)...

I am tooo surprised at the exam fee for the upgrade too..

If not for any other reason... considering the exam fee of 300$ now... do the latest one

all the best