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Hi all,

Two questions regarding ICED.

1. It's been a while since I looked into studying for this cert - is this still a current (and useful) cert to go after? Or is there something else that would be recommended?

2. What's the recommended sequence for taking the 3 IMB exams for this cert?

p.s. For reference, I've passed the SCJP, SCBCD, and SCWCD exams.
None of the questions seemed more tricky than the final mock in HFSJ. Actually the mock in the HF book is probably more difficult than the real exam. For that reason, I think the HF mock is VERY good practice.

The hardest questions I had were on passing variables to/from JSP's to/from tag handler classes.
Thanks Bert! And thanks for providing all these terrific HF books!!
Perhaps some of you saw my post last week. I took the SCWCD exam last Wednesday, but the printer was down, so I didn't know if I passed or not. Just got my score report from Prometric testing center. I passed with a 79%. Bit disappointed by my score, but I'll take it. A pass is a pass, right?

I took the SCBCD exam in the spring. I found the SCWCD exam to be much tougher mainly because there's more info covered by the SCWCD exam.

For SCWCD, the questions on Tag Handler classes were the most difficult for me. I have no experience with Tag Handlers and wished I'd studied that section more.

My prep? Read the wonderful HFSJ. What a fantastic book!!! Simply world class! In addition, I used the SCWCD Study Kit and read sections of the Servlet and JSP specs. I also used the JWebPlus mock exams, which helped me get used to the tricky way these questions can be worded.... BTW, the mock at the end of HFSJ is very difficult. If you score well on that, you're ready to take the real test!
I still haven't heard anything. I've called Prometric (the testing company)about 7 times in the last 3 days. First I was told it would take 24 hours, then I was told 24 - 48 hours. Next person said 48 - 72 hours. It would appear they don't actually know when the data will be available.

Can't help but wonder, why design a system that only provides data via a printer (vs. a screen)? I'd probably be fired if I designed software like that.

Yes, I'm quite frustrated by this.
I finally took my SCWCD exam this morning. I would share my score, but the printers were down and the testing center couldn't tell me the score (or if I even passed)! They gave me a phone number to call ("Candidate Care"), but wouldn't let me use the phone at the testing center. So I hurried to the office to call. And guess what? "Candidate Care" says it could be 24 to 48 hours before they get my score report.

So frustrating. Months of preparation. Hours of work and worry. Tense testing morning. And now "W A I T".
[ December 01, 2004: Message edited by: Janna Voss ]
Awesome score!!! Way to go!

Were your scores that high on the mock exams you took? And which mock exams did you use?
Does <c:set var ...> place a *String* in specified scope, or does it place an *Object* in the scope? In other words, is it a parameter, or an attribute?

If this places an object in the specified scope, how does the JSP know the object type? Can it be a JavaBean object that I've previously created?