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Recent posts by Ryan G Johnson

no intermittant commits.

I can have it wait until they are done, but there may be a need to kill immediately.

If I do a kill command from unix, i can't force a sql exception, it kills the thread? I don't get it. This is are background processes. I would have to re-write the framework to message the background processes to exit gently. Not practical. I was hoping for an API.

Oracle's sqlplus utility has an 'autocommit' command, when it is off, if you kill the sqlplus session it does NOT commit. So I hoped there would be something similiar for jdbc.
We have a background process that runs every few minutes. It opens up several sessions and each performs works. When we take the system down for maintenance we have a korn shell script that kill -15 the java threads.

Problem is that even though autocommit is off insert,update,delete that have been made are being committed when the session shuts down and we would like it to roll back.

Writing code to handle a graceful shutdown and have it roll back would be a significant effort. Is there a jdbc flag that will tell oracle 'if this session dies on you rollback and don't commit unless we specifically say so'.
i am using the same driver as other people i work with who can connect.
I also use the following:

know this has been posted repeatedly. However, I have tried all the generic solutions Mine is a little different.

1. I can connect with SQLPLUS to the database. I am on windows XP connecting to Oracle 10g on a Solaris box. So the listener is running.

2. Here is my tnsnames.ora entry which works with SQLPLUS:
I can tnsping this address

I am trying to run the following sample code:

I also used the following IP
i meant banking dev.

the code is right here:


i am assuming its because the book is 3 years old and struts has changed. oreilly is usually pretty good.
18 years ago
javax.s ervlet.jsp. JspException: Cannot find message resources under key
org.apache.struts.action. MESSAGE

I am trying to run the sample banking application that comes with the O'reilly Jakarta Struts book. I am using Resin.

I got struts-blank to work. I deployed the banking.war and turned on resin, it autodeployed.

Here are the contents of my struts-config.xml

Please not the following line at the bottom:
<message-resources parameter="BankingMessageResources" null="false"/>

Here is the contents of the which is located at: C:\resin-2.1.11\webapps\banking\WEB-INF\classes

There is a post on O'reilly, with someone who is having the same problem. I don't quite understand what he is saying:

I really like the book and it was really a great book for me to learn struts.

Though i have some question on the storefront-dev example code.

When i deployed it i always get this error:

javax.servlet.jsp.JspException: Cannot find message resources under key


I tried removing some of the line errors in the index.jsp just to see if it will

work. It did but when i click a new link like viewdetail there it was again. The error part seems to be in the bean tag. it seems it cannot find the message-resources "StorefrontMessageResources". is there any change to be made in the struts-config.xml? anyway, im using the latest version of resin and jdk 1.4. I

Here is the code from index.jsp

18 years ago
what do i add the .tld file to? how do i add it in eclipse?
18 years ago
this is what i have at the top. I added the tag you requested.

<%@ taglib uri="/WEB-INF/struts-bean.tld" prefix="bean" %>
<%@ taglib uri="" pefix="bean" %>
18 years ago
I am getting an error when i use bean:write with eclipse. I am assuming i need add an external jar. which one do i add?
18 years ago
I see referenced everywhere, but when I google it, I can't find what it is or how to define it. I am assuming that this is what defines it in the web.xml:

If there is no directory in front it, does it go in the WEB-INF directory? I have the struts download and I don't see an in any of the .war samples?

Where can I find documentation on how to put data into this file and what the standards also about how to use it in the application?
18 years ago
Merrill-- you said that the .do made struts look for my action class?

I have a submitAction.class file in: C:\resin-2.1.11\webapps\myproject\WEB-INF\classes\hansen\playground

is my mapping setup wrong in my struts-config.xml ?
18 years ago
I have another post. I couldn't find the mapping when I did:

<html:form action="/">

when i removed the .do it worked fine. Why didn't it work with .do? someone explained it, but I didn't follow it. Something about being passed to an action class? I have an action class.
18 years ago
i bounced the webserver and now it works.
18 years ago