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Jan Groot

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I'm also doing UrlyBird, concerning the create and delete method's in the data interface wich my client isn't using, does throwing an UnsuportedOperationException count as implementing? If so, is this acceptable?
Thanks for the update!



(currently head first into the designpatterns, got it in the mail this morning, currently at the job, can't put it down ;-))
But why not? My assignments doesn't exclude them, and Tiger is a productionversion... grrrrrr....
Is there any word out on the use of Tiger on the current SCJD assignment?
I've recieved my assignment and looking into some solutions. The new locking mechanism in Tiger is pretty straight forward and imho can provide an elegant solution to some problems in the assignment. Also the new queueing an concurrent collections seem very interesting.

Can I start conding using Tiger?
Regarding my test, I had two questions regarding the value of a String.
In the answer I omitted the " around the value, was my answer valid? I didn't find any clue in the help of the exam.
17 years ago
Very Bad Things (very dark humor)
The Big Lebowski
[ November 16, 2004: Message edited by: Jan Groot ]
17 years ago

Originally posted by Anton Golovin:
Hi, Bert. May I ask if the percentage of successful passes is known both for SCJP and SCJD and SCEA?

Thanks for your reply.

Check here what Kathy has to say about that:

Pass/Fail percentage
17 years ago

Originally posted by Bert Bates:
Jan -

93% is awesome... You understand don't you, that a LOT of candidates fail this test? It's hard, 93% totally rocks!

- Bert

Yes offcourse! Thank you. Hence the smiley at the end of my first sentence. At work we're doing the certification (SCJP, SCJD, SCWCD and SCEA) with a whole group, so we get pretty competitive.

The first group used another book and the average score was around 70%. Our group used your book and the average score was 85%+

So now I'm waiting for my downloadlink for the SCJD assignment and one thing is for sure I'll be reading and learning a lot here.
17 years ago
Passed this morning, 93%, was a bit dissapointed because a co-woker passed with 98% last month ;-)

Thanks Bert and Kathy for your excellent book!

SCJD here I come!!
17 years ago