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Any links to documentation etc welcome!
17 years ago
I contacted whizlabs about this issue. They said that they seen no need to add additional questions and have no plans to do so.

I feel very cheated as I purchased the software due to the volume of questions.
How much of the exam is based on remembering xsd types and exact definition of registry calls etc or are you tested more on the theory rather than a memory test?

Most UML tools represent graphical components as rectangles with two small rectangle prongs on the LHS.

But Poseidon graphical represntation is just the rectangle with <<component>> inside, is this valid UML notation? ( or can it be changed )
[ December 10, 2004: Message edited by: johnone wilsonone ]
There are more appropiate forums that might be able to answer your question better.

But seems like your deployment consttructor is ill formed...
17 years ago

I am using the community edition of poseidon.

- When I generate image files they contain the poseidon branded image in the background. Will this cost me marks in my submission?

-If so does anyone know any free UML tools that product images with clear back ground?


Regards : SSL, Send Mail, Forwarding request to Transmaster
& routing to AIr Miles.

-Can you assume that some "Apache" equilalent is providing these services?
-Does the java client app require inbuilt SSL module?
-Can you assume rewrite rules on Apache are handling the routing
to Air Miles, deciding if the incoming request is from the web or application clients and route to the correct server( web or direct to Business app server)
-Can you assume the apache server can be used to route and encrypt http packages from teh Business tier to the Trans Master?

Thanks in Advance