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soniya saxena

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What is the hierarchy in LB?
17 years ago
From your name, I am guessing you are non-Indian. If I am wrong, then no problem. But if my guess is right, how the hell do you think you will be able to drive in India.

Originally posted by Tintin Herge:

Has anyone driven from Bangalore to Coorg or Ooty ? Me and a friend will be in Bangalore for a few weeks and are planning to drive down to either place - without a chauffer/driver. Has anyone on the board done it? Any suggestions ? How much time does it take ?

Thanks in Advance

18 years ago

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18 years ago
So just a poll on how many of you are truly happy in life? Reply only in terms of (for happy) and (for not happy).
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18 years ago
Lei Hawa!

Originally posted by Sue Meng:
I am a new here. Not exactly since I have been in some of the posts in couple of days.I didnt know and yet not sure if theres a tradition of saying "Hello, Hi, I am new" etc in this forum. Any way, hello everybody.

18 years ago
In India:

In US:
New York
18 years ago
thanks soniya, but i think this year h1 quota is over and i do not know how to find any consultant company? do you hava any suggestion about it?
Just apply on monster and dice.

i read somewhere in this form that best way to get experieance is to do some volunteer work on online project.
that will give you experience, but not a job; atleast thats what i feel.

where to find this type of project?
check out sourceforge to be part of open-source projects.
I dont remember the names off the top of my head, but there are several sites that let you bid for projects. If you get the deal, you can execute the project and get paid for it. But since you dont have any experience, I dont think this option is for you.

Most important, learn to google. If you google effectively, you will get a lot of such information.
18 years ago
if u can work with people who keep an "indian pan" in their mouth full of red saliva....while talking to u...DO JOIN TCS.
Thats lame. Just bcuz you might have had a few people eating pan in front of you, doesnt mean TCS is full of pan eaters (during work).

if u would like to spend a good part of ur work time every month end figuring out how exactly to fill up the time one to give u a clear idea...DO JOIN TCS.
How tough can that be?

if u dont mind getting an yearly rating of 2 on 5..even after doing very well...just because there is some "curve" funda in TCS management strategy..., DO JOIN TCS.
I think most big companies use the "bell curve".

if u want to play a cheap gamble of going "ONSITE"....which has no value in itself.....then DO JOIN TCS.
What kind of value were you expecting onsite.

if u want to grow as a professional, as a genuine software engineer,,and if u have some work ethics and personal thought on professionalism....NEVER JOIN TCS....
Angry people in all companies say this about their respective companies.

always remmeber...small new upcoming companies give u opportunities to truly learn technology....u have a boon...dont throw it for nothing..
In India, in the IT services segment, brand name matters a lot.

Disclaimer: I am not from TCS.
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18 years ago
The website does suck
Seems like a tiny startup.
18 years ago
I doubt :roll:

Originally posted by Sunil Kumar Gupta:
Santana , What you are saying is wrong.

The best way to find the job in the company is put your resume
in the companies database.

They select the candidate from their database when they have any requirement that meets with your resume.

So , You should post your resume to the companies hr id's and
fill the companies online resume .

You will surely get calls from companies

18 years ago
(1) H1-first approach: Pay some consulting company X to do your H1. Once you get your H1, hunt for a contract position. X may or may not assist you with this. When you find a contract, you can tell the client to contact X so that they can negotiate your rates, or you can yourself do that depending on your understanding with X.

(2) Staggered H1 approach: Talk to some consulting company X to do your H1 when you find a contract. Hunt for a contract. When you find a contract, you can tell the client to contact X so that they can negotiate your rates, or you can yourself do that depending on your understanding with X. X starts your H1 processing. Depending on margins, either X or you may pay for H1. Till the time that your H1 comes, you pretend that you have an H1 and work for the client. X pays you by check till that time. X could also pay you nothing till that time, and once your H1 comes, X could pay you the accumulated amount as reimbursements or in some funky way.

Ok, now I think I should prepare myself for welcoming all those who would like to raise a hue and cry over what I have just said. Guys, I am just telling what happens out there. It is a personal choice whether to go this route or not. But then does Preeti have an option?

Originally posted by preeti patel:
I just passed scjp with 85% and preparing for scwcd.i had little or no experiance in computer as computer is not my background. Righ now i am in us on h4 visa.So how to start my carrer in java?

18 years ago
santana, you have really hacked the original thread. your question is not all similar to the original question, though you may think it is. Starting off a career in US with an H4 visa is a totally different ball game and is much tougher than a fresher getting a job in India. So the responses that you are receiving will in no way be useful to the original poster.

Originally posted by Santana Iyer:
Similar question,
I am in Mumbai, India.
I passed SCJA (Java Associate), SCJP1.4 exam with 96%.
I completed BE in Computer Engineering.

How to find job?
I already applied at many companies but I do not think it is of much use because they must have thousands of entries in their DB and as I am fresher I doubt I would be successful.

So what you recommend how to start looking for job (hopefully a decent one)
Does score make difference I mean if one gets 98% or 100%.

any tips, advice, suggestions, any information.

[ October 03, 2005: Message edited by: Santana Iyer ]

18 years ago