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Recent posts by Val Dra

The way i fixed this is i had the same package structure on client side. So in my client jar file i had all the packages listed and placed Skel into the server package. After that i had no longer problems.
damn this exam costs me now , i though that the price was included into 250 bucks
I just uploaded my assignment what do i do now? How can i schedule to take the written exam? Do i go to ? I went there but i couldn't see an option to schedule a written exam.
Please suggest.
i am using JEditorPane to display an html page. Page has some links on it when clicked on it it scrolls down to appropriate paragraph. What event do i have to listen to in JEditorPane to catch the clicking of a link ? Thanks.
22 years ago
hi you can use this
Dimenstion d = getToolkit().getDefaultScreenSize();
i can't remember the exact method but something like this and then set it to setSize(d)
22 years ago
i get this error when i get to call one of my methods from the server the error only happens with one method all the others are working fine. What can cause this? Thanks.
java.rmi.ServerException: RemoteException occurred in server thread; nested exception is:
java.rmi.UnmarshalException: error unmarshalling arguments; nested exception is: unknown protocol: c unexpected error.
when you get DataInfo object there is method called getRecordNumber
I think you should check out ODBC API for that. There should be something on on this.
22 years ago
you can try kawa for 30 days for free. I found it buggy when working with it. I also prefer TextPad nice editor.
hi would any one be kind to tell me how to run java app from linux box ? I need an exact command is it the same as in windows ? sorry if it's obviouse i don't use Unix . Thanks.
22 years ago
you must go and take a written test i hear that otherwise sun will not evaluate your assignment.
How does one tell in instructions how to run the application ? What are the commands to be included ?
i got it working now here is what i did
Registry registry = LocateRegistry.getRegistry(port);
obj = (DataImpl)registry.lookup("rmi://" + address + ":" + port + "//FBN");
no i think i had it right before using LocateRegistry class and starting rmiregistry using dos it all worked fine.
i am in the final stage of submiting assignment
i wanted to create a registry and it worked but when trying to connect to a server now i am getting an error NotBoundException
here is what i do on a server
Registry r = LocateRegistry.createRegistry(new Integer(args[1]).intValue());
r.rebind("rmi://" + args[0] + ":" + new Integer(args[1]).intValue() + "//FBN",obj);
and code that should get remote reference is
obj = (DataImpl)Naming.lookup("rmi://"+address+":" + port + "//FBN");