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Recent posts by Hu Rui

Can any one suggest some good tools to make kicking ass web UI?
5 certification in one year.
SCJP, SCJD, SCWCD, SCBCD, SCEA. Maybe it is enough, time for a break.
19 years ago
You only need to get Stateless session bean business interface right.

Need to spend too much time in persistence methods.
The certification assignment want you to use 3 tie.

How you do your work in practice is another question.

In real world application, you might now use EJB at all. The functionality of EJB can be replaced by plain Java class. So you have almost 2 tie architecture.

In UML design level, EJB = static methods.

2 tie / 3 tie there is no clear line in between.

I like use class then EJB, since if you only use Java code, IDE has wonderful tools like refactoring.

I always wonder how the hell to refactoring an EJB

I think you could have a look at MVC archtecture.
For example struts.

Web tie always use MVC.
Swing is not exactly MVC.
Web is very clear MVC architecture.

Swing is far more complex, each swing component is its own MVC. And it is twisted MVC. So swing is just many many MVC, with threads. Therefore it is so complex.

I think for assignment, you need only Web interface, uses Struts like MVC should be enough.
I think only web is enough, at least according to my assignment.

Do you have different assignment? Specifically say Swing UI?

Swing is far more complex then Web. The internal interaction is very hard to draw with UML.

Does any body even seen JDK Swing lib implementation in UML?
Maybe not possible.

I used Jude to pass SCEA. It is not totally refined but enough to pass the certification.

You may try the newest Jude, they just made a new release.

I like Jude very much. I will use it work also. There is really no need to drow too detailed UML, that is javadoc for. Only how level is enough. 1 page one picture.
I feel it is impossible to figure out the UI MVC page flow if you have not really programmed any thing about JSP/Servlets.

The EJB is very simple to understand. In UML level it is just like static methods.
Have a look at scalability.

You might have a look at Weblogic cluster, domain configuration, and understand why.

Do you have any tips to pass the SCJDWS?

I am studying this now, I feel the whole thing is conceptually very simple, but too many details !!!

Do you have to remember all those details?

If you have a clear architectural level understanding, can you pass?

I am from Shanghai China. Passed SCEA.
I18N does not cover currency conversion.
You can have a look at J2SE tutorial's I18N chapter.

It only cover static text in difference language. According to locale, choose right text string in Unicode.

If you need currency conversion, you need to program extra.
The standard Gof pattern apply to J2EE as well.
There is no need to go too detail into J2EE pattern.

In J2EE you only need to understand,
1) MVC for Web tie.
2) Session facade for EJB
3) Value object for transfer data.

No need to learn about pattern about Entity bean, that thing really sucks, as far as I can remember, there was not any question about Entity bean pattern.
The server present public key as certificate.
The cerficate is a document contains public key and again signed by the public key of CA.

The Browser knows the CA. I is hard coded inside Explorer, I think, since I can not find where to specify it.

Browser trust CA, CA sign the public of https server, so if CA say the server's public is real, browser believe it.

But in JDK, it is a file. Under C:\j2sdk1.4.2_03\jre\lib\security