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realm-name is the header field in which user authentication information is stored.
If i were you i would study HFJS 3,4 times thouroughly. this is from the experience of taking the exam.
Try to pass the mock exam at the end of the book and consider it as semi-final .
coming to other resources i didn't refer to any other specs or anything. so bottom line is thourough reading and understanding of HFJS is the key.
by the way don't forget to memorize the API and its 4 packages.

that's it you should be good.
It is big day for me. Passed SCWCD 1.4 today.
Thanks to all ranchers.
could you , Kathy Sierra or someone pl answer this question.
i know for Classic Tags if you return SKIP_BODY from doStartTag() it will not evaluate the body.
How do you do the same for Simple Tags?

do not include getJspBody().invoke(null) in doTag()?
i am confused about the servlet context and config paramters in a clustered environment.
HFJ says ( pg 255) when application is distributed eveything except session is duplicated in the second server.

but says context and config ard not duplicated.

which is correct?

pl help me out

sorry to mis spell your name.

how was the wording of the questions? very confusing or like you find in HFJS.

did you feel the duration was enough?
hi jonna,

congratrs for passing the exam.

were theer any questions with option "none" was the correct answer.
that is the minimum buffer size required to hold the jsp before writing to the output.
i've been preparing for 1.3 all this while without knowing that it's going to expire in 2 weeks. pl advise should i go ahead and write 1.3 or study for 1.4 and write 1.4.