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Recent posts by Jyotsna Clarkin

I am having trouble setting up and running Xerces-2_6_2 on my Windows XP machine. I have followed the installation instruction on apache.org site, worked through installation tutorials on the web, searched this forum & other websites for solutions but am still stuck.

I would truly appreciate any help. Thanks.

Here at the current settings on my system

OS: Windows XP
Java installation:
Sun�s j2sdk1.4.2_07
PATH=c:\Windows\system32;C:\Windows\System32\Wbem;C:\Program Files\ATI Technologies\ATI Control Panel;c:\j2sdk1.4.2_07\bin
(Path set as a System Variable)
JAVA_HOME= c:\j2sdk1.4.2_07
(JAVA_HOME set as User variable)

I am able to compile and run Java programs with this setup.

Installing Xerces-2_6_2
Download Xerces-J-bin 2_6_2.zip
Unpacked the zip files into: c:\xerces-2_6_2

Running Xerces
Launch the Command Prompt and change to the Xerces-2_6_2 directory
set CLASSPATH=c:\xerces-2_6_2\xercesImpl.jar; c:\xerces-2_6_2\xmlParserAPIs.jar; c:\xerces-2_6_2\xml-apis.jar; c:\xerces-2_6_2\xercesSamples.jar;.;%classpath%

Copy an XML File named "intro.xml" and place inside xerces-2_6_2 folder:
<?xml version = "1.0"?>
<message>First XML Parser Program</message>
Step 06 - Run the sample sax program named "Counter":
c:\>xerces-2_2_6\java sax.Counter intro.xml
I get these results:
Exception in thread �main� java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError sax/Counter

Not sure what to do from here??
Congratulations Sunny on passing the exam. I understand that you are bit disappointed but you did well. Wish you all the best in the future.
I would like you to note that questions from the real exam are NOT to be revealed so please edit your post to delete the exam question.
Please read this note http://www.javaranch.com/realquestions.jsp
Also there is an official naming policy but I'll let one of the bartenders help you with that one.
[ July 09, 2002: Message edited by: Jyotsna Clarkin ]
21 years ago

Originally posted by Gavin Hogan:
Where can that PDF be found ... thanks.

Check this thread. It has the link to the pdf file and links to a couple of reviews on the book as well.

Originally posted by jason adam:
I'm thinking real life is impacting things a lot, but that's only an assumption.

Too true in my case. In & out of short contracts this past year. And each new contract was harder to come by. The only skills "they" wanted were VB, VC++, ADO, ASP, SQL. This is what my new job needs plus I am to be trained in ASP/xml, .NET.
Would like to continue with the drive (I lost my nitpick as well - where is Bill???) Will get back to the drive in June when all this madness is over.
I think posting was an excellent requirement.
[ April 02, 2002: Message edited by: Jyotsna Clarkin ]
21 years ago

Originally posted by Michael Ernest:
Jini not successful? What in the world gave you that idea?

It would have to be this post (cut & pasted below)
QUOTE]Originally posted by Michael Ernest:

Incidentally, Jini is often hyped the same way: "You don't have to use RMI/CORBA -- what freedom!" Well, ok, but what alternatives do I have beyond those two? Whatever I feel like building myself? Wow, now I really do feel free...
[ February 14, 2002: Message edited by: Michael Ernest ]
Anyhow - I'm new to p2p and jxta promises a lot (sounds wonderful BUT)...I'm still not sure what type of apps jxta is uited for.
I also stumbled upon Groove recently - (just read some articles) ? Does anyone(the author even) have any experience with/opinions about Groove?
21 years ago

Originally posted by nan sh:

Oh! might be my application was rejected and sank into deep sea,

Not sure what happened to your application. Roseanne has been doing all the admin. singlehandedly.
But I do know that the yahoo groups is open now and the project site as open to view. Maybe you can take a look at the kind of projects listed.
I did look at your website -haven't tried your mock test yet but I see you are using (learning) servlets, jsp, jdbc,xml. Well that's what we are doing too. We'd like you to join if you are still interested. Feel free to send me a private message if you have any questions.

just like my other thousands applications to employers.

Oh Dear Nan! I wish I knew how to help here. Then my own applications would disappear either.
Good Luck.
[ February 09, 2002: Message edited by: Jyotsna Clarkin ]
21 years ago

Originally posted by Roseanne Zhang:

6) Java/C++ are on the skill set, but they are not mentioned in the experiences part. This person was actually telling the truth, real expert on telecom, knows Java/C++, but not on the job...

Do you mean that a person should NOT put something in the skill set that is not in the work history too?
21 years ago

Originally posted by Mark Spritzler:

I have never, or sort of never, have built an actual JSP page, a Tag Library, or Servlet. Mark

Mark -
Do you mean you haven't built any real applications with this technology or that you just haven't "played around" with it much?
Isn't it boring to do just the theory (I have never checked out the SCWCD exam. objectives so I don't know what is required)?
Anyhow - Good Luck on the exam.
Congratulations on passing the SCJP!
I would agree with your conclusion (in some other forum I think) that SCJD does equip you with some practical knowledge.
Maybe you could develop yours with some IDE - visualAge or JBuilder. (Forgive me if you already know either/both). That way you could learn the tools as well.
And yes there are a few down under who are certified .
[ February 08, 2002: Message edited by: Jyotsna Clarkin ]
Thanks, Ajith, for moving this thread.
Neetha - I just sent you a private message.
We can communicate without generating a long useless-to-anyone-else thread.
I am looking for a serious study partner for xml/cert. Someone who has Deitel's book (preferably).
Check this page. It has links to books and tutorials and other pertinent information.

Originally posted by Menon Hema:

Marcus, your site is the best when it comes to SCJP.

All the best, Marcus.
21 years ago
Congratulations Tom!
Thnaks for sharing your experience. It's high time I focussed on my job search with equal determination.
All the best,
22 years ago

Originally posted by Vladan Radovanovic:

How do I go about jobs in which I have no experience. I do have a versatile skill set but I am sure they will tell me that they don't care about my academic experience. Any pointers from You, or anyone else who has been successful in similar situation, is appreciated.

Tell me about it! I have over 5 years lecturing and teaching experience (at undergraduate and graduate levels) on top of a Masters degree. I would like to switch to s/w developement but have been having a rotten time trying to get even an entry level position. In fact, ALL my students have better chance of landing a job! Yes, I do have a versatile skill set as well.
Would appreciate some pointers here.
22 years ago
Please check with your SunEd Office because although each batch they get has a one year validity - I do not beleive it is necessarily from the date the candidate purchases it!
For example, I recently checked with Sun Australia and they currently hold vouchers valid till May 2002 (around 7 months).
Or maybe it varies from country to country- I am not sure ???
22 years ago