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Recent posts by Wasim Ayoubi

In Weblogic Server cluster environment, if the a serving thread is in the middle of a database operation (select statement) and weblogic instance went down, is it guaranteed that application will continoue the operation on the second weblogic instance?

Actually I am looking for some documentation that describes exactly what cluster fail over grantee from the application perspective.

12 years ago
Hello guys
I am trying to provide a Study to the Technical Manger why to get rid of our Connection Pooling Mechanism (Developed by us) and use App. Server vendor�s Connection Pooling Mechanism? My question would be like this, where I can find a Spec., White papers or something like it that describes how to Design Connection Pools. This will help me to figure out things missing in our internally developed Connection Pooling mechanism.

Wasim Ayoubi
It comes bundeled with J2EE SDK 1.3 and 1.4

I am reading Bill Burke & Monson-Haefel EJB3.0 Book, it is great! you can see Customer Reviews on

Enterprise JavaBeans, 3.0
By Bill Burke, Richard Monson-Haefel
Publisher: O'Reilly
ISBN-10: 0-596-00978-X
Hi guys, We are using XP here (www.etq.com), XP is great and fun! and a free copy of this book will be great :roll: , I wish I could have one free but if not and this book was great I will buy one
17 years ago

The Jar file is placed into the WEB-INF/lib folder and I am using DriverManager.getConnection to obtain connection to the database.

I posted the this question to BEA support and got a great answer from them, I shall provide a special weblogic deployment descriptor (next to web.xml) which is weblogic-web.xml and use a custom weblogic deployment tag to prefer using classes from the WEB-INF/lib folder.

I tried this and it is working fine

see link below for more details

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17 years ago
I am working on J2EE project that I am trying to deploy on weblogic8.1 and 9.2 servers;
this project supports multi-database vendors, oracle is one of the supported databases.

In this project we use the following oracle jdbc driver by placing it�s jar file into WEB-INF\lib folder of our web application

�Specification-Title: "Oracle JDBC driver classes for use with JDK1.4"
Specification-Version: "Oracle JDBC Driver version -"
Specification-Vendor: "Oracle Corporation" .
Implementation-Title: "ojdbc14.jar"
Implementation-Version: "Oracle JDBC Driver version -"
Implementation-Vendor: "Oracle Corporation"
Implementation-Time: "Thu Apr 25 23:14:02 2002"�

My problem is as follows:

Weblogic server 8.1 and 9.2 uses the following oracle jdbc driver by default

Specification-Title: Oracle JDBC driver classes for use with JDK14
Sealed: true
Created-By: 1.4.2_08 (Sun Microsystems Inc.)
Implementation-Title: ojdbc14.jar
Specification-Vendor: Oracle Corporation
Specification-Version: Oracle JDBC Driver version - ""
Implementation-Version: Oracle JDBC Driver version - ""
Implementation-Vendor: Oracle Corporation
Implementation-Time: Tue Jan 24 08:55:21 2006

the driver I am using in my project which is 9.0.2 reads dates from database as java.sql.Timestamp objects
but the bundled 10g jdbc driver reads dates as java.sql.Date objects which make my code not to run and throws ClassCastException exceptions.

I want to figure how to make my application uses the ojdbc driver in the WEB-INF/lib folder, as I know from J2EE specs
every web application has it's own classloader that loads classes by order and it starts loading from the WEB-INF/lib folder. but
it seems loading the 10g driver classes first.

I can make a work around by creating managed server and modify the startWLS.cmd file by adding the jar file I want in front of the classpath
but this may be not applicable for customers who do not want to create a new managed server! also I have customers who have other third party
application which run using oracle 10g driver and the customer wants these applications to still using the weblogic OTB 10g driver.

What I want exactly, how to make a specific web application deployed on Weblogic server uses a specific driver jar file without affecting the server
classpath or any other third part applications deployed on the same server instance.

Email: wayoubi@etq.com
17 years ago
I have made many changes to make it possible to view as a table, I have a question why don't Javaranch Support Images and Tables
18 years ago
I am wondering if I can disable historical daylight saving from JVM, it is causing dates problems.

Here is an Example of my investigation, I am in Jordan /Middle East and I am Africa/Cairo Timezone

I am just trying print dates System.out.println(new Date()); the problem is in the hour of the date.

Using Java 1.4.2 (Current Machine Time 11 AM)
Date****Africa/Cairo +02:00*****GMT+02:00*******GMT+3:00

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[ April 05, 2006: Message edited by: Wasim Ayoubi ]

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[ April 05, 2006: Message edited by: Wasim Ayoubi ]
18 years ago
and even in the getter method

public String getFoo(){
return this.foo;
18 years ago
Hi All,
I am doing some code refactoring and wondering if using "this" operator is an addon to readability or not.

public class XX{
String foo;

public String getFoo(){
return foo;

public void doX(){

I believe using the this.getFoo() is better, at least you can figure it is not a static method on the class and you are getting a state of an object.
18 years ago
Struts is located in the presentation tier while EJB is located in the business tier, you can do some thing between these two tiers like using the delegate (POJO) pattern to communicate with a facade (Session bean) which talks to either Entity beans or Session Beans or even DAO's.

Struts is an MVC pattern. Delegates (Considered as Model) should be accessed using the Controller.
[ January 04, 2006: Message edited by: Wasim Ayoubi ]
Hala 3ami Congratulation

Wain "EL Halwan" ya man

I will be after you whereever you go!
18 years ago
Hi Everybody

I am looking for any articles that are talking about good UI practices; I am working on a research for my employer these days to enhance some of our products' GUI. I am trying to enhance some dialogs, I would appreciate you help very much.

Thanx all
18 years ago
Result with certification kit will be sent to you by mail in 2-3 weeks
Let's celebrate our success now
18 years ago