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Recent posts by Paul Michael Serrano

So, what is the answer to the question?

"When will SCBCD 5.0 will be off?"

I'm currently confused on what I will take, plus the fact that I will start from scratch, because I have no idea on EJB.
Hi Guys,

I had my SCJP 1.4 five years ago. I'm just thinking of taking the EJB part exam.

Would anyone advise me on which should I take?

What is the difference between the two (SCBCD or OCPJBCD) ?

If they are almost the same, what books or references should I review?

Thanks in advance.

Hi all, is it possible for me to use the <s:property> tag and render it in my jsp as HTML.

I'm thinking doing like this one.

And inside my JSP, I could have this:

11 years ago
Hi Dave,

Currently we do have struts.xml in our application and it is being shared accross the application (some of the entries are not mine).
So I removed this in my struts.xml:

I tried to putting some of the entries in our struts.xml into annotations, after that our codes look like this one:

After that, we decided to put Spring into our application and downloaded the Struts2-Spring plugin. I tried to follow the documentation of for using the plugin: and ended up on going back to the struts.xml config.

and applicationContext.xml

How could I make use of the convention plugin for Struts2-Spring plugin, so that I will not make an entry for struts.xml? Do you have any site or document to look at for this topic?

12 years ago
I do have a question regarding annotation for Struts2-Spring plugin. I want my action classes to be annotated.
How could we map the class attribute of action element in struts.xml to id attribute of bean element in applicationContext.xml?



If I'm going to look at the org.apache.struts2.convention.annotation.Action interface, the only properties there are


And what I'm planning to do is move my entries inside my struts.xml to annotations in my action classes but the thing is I could not map the class attribute of action element(struts.xml) to the id attribute of bean element (applicationContext.xml)

Do you have suggestions on how I could make my action classes annotated?


12 years ago
Hi Richard,

Thanks for the suggestion and ideas.

12 years ago
Hi All,

I do have a question regarding on not going to an action if I already invoked an action in my page. My problem is, when I click (first)<s:a> tag to my page that redirects to an action and click another (second)<s:a> that calls different action while the first action is not yet finished processing until forwarding to success, I'm having an error that the first action did was refresh some variables.

Is it possible to halt the my second action until the first action finished until returning to the success page?

12 years ago
Is there a way that I could dispatch the result of my action to a different action? I'm trying to work with the struts.xml but I think it's not working fine.

12 years ago

I am trying to save objects into session. May I know what are the differences of using

SessionAware (implementing into the class)


Map session = ActionContext.getContext().getSession(); --> adding this line of code into the class

12 years ago
Good day,

Do you have any idea on how can i take the value of struts tag <s:property value="#session.stringVars"/> to javascirpt?

12 years ago
Hi Bear, I just started reading jquery and this is my first time to write code. Did I translated my code to jquery code properly?



I tried this code. Again it's working fine with Mozilla firefox and not in IE7/IE8.

MOZILLA Firefox browser
The only difference is when I use the setTimeout(in old code) the popup never shows. In new code (with jquery) the popup shows and closes (which is ok).

Good Day,

I do have one concern regarding this one. The code written above is working properly (using setTimeout) on Mozilla FireFox. But when I tried to test it in IE7/IE8 the event object is gone.

There is an error of "Object required".

Any Idea?

Hi Bear,

So how do I make the onclick and ondblclick working for the same <td> element? Or are there any work around for this one?

Good Day,

Could anyone help me, I need to have an onclick and ondblclick within the same <td> element. As I was looking for the solutions in the internet I saw some thread that says use the setTimeout to delay the onclick event. However while using the code from the thread, I think the event parameter from the first function is null. I need the event parameter for my openPopup function that will determine the coordinates of the <td> element

Thanks David and Ankit. I got it working now using the ServletContext object, and could see the value in my JSP.

13 years ago