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Recent posts by William var

Hi Jayesh,
I see a jar file in the files section of the group.Is this a midlet to be run on a javame device ?Would it be possible to get a document format

Thanks !

Originally posted by Jayesh Sahu:

I have uploded the SCMAD question on yahoo group J2ME-SCMAD.

Jayesh Sahu

Hi Ko Ko,

Since you would have been through most of the available general Java ME book, I was wondering which book did you find most detailed on PushRegistry Concepts?.


Hi YongCan!,

I have resent in the zip format.The file inside it are in the PDF format.Tell me if you are unable to view the contents.

Hi Ko Ko & YongCan

In a personal mail YongCan says...

I can't understand the code.Please tell me how to deal with them. Thank you very much.regards YongCan

Yong, I hope you are familiar with java or maybe would help in understanding the j2me code in the notes .. To take this exam the pre requisite is that you need to have passed SCJP...

I think Ko Ko would have some better suggestions than me on how to deal with the code ...

[ October 24, 2006: Message edited by: William var ]
Hi YoungCan !

Here are Satyas Notes given to me courtesy of Reghuram.Hope that you find them useful!
I sent it to email


[ October 24, 2006: Message edited by: William var ]
This seems to me to more fit the Jobs Discussion or J2ME general fora rather than the one about the certification exam, if one's asking my thoughts on it.
Hi pedpano !

Here are Satyas Notes given to me courtesy of Reghuram.Hope that you find them useful!



Originally posted by Pedpano Silva:

I couldn't get the Sathya Notes. Does anyone can send me? thiagopes at yahoo dot com dot br



Sir Bert!

Any tips for SCMAD if any ... Have you heard anything to the extent that
voucher prices are being hiked soon ....
17 years ago
Hi Everyone!...

Thanks for all the support you guys have given me !!! I took another shot at the exam and passed.
( I did it on a discount of a discounted voucher I bought from someone who was selling it as it was near expiry.)
I had to wait at the Prometric place for about 2.5 hours as there were other test going on..

Here are some of the suggestions I have for retakers

- Look at the areas where you have kinda scored badly and work on them.They would provide more scope for getting more marks into the kitty ...
For eg I was zilch in collections in the 1st go coz i didnt care to mug those methods but made it 100%the next time..

- Some topics I really didnt improve on at all between both exams like threads and GC 75%
Focusing on them just because they are your favourites wont really get you the pass marks.

- Some of the bigger chapters in the K&B were a put off for me as I often ended up sleeping with the book and ultimately consumed more time.So the only thing possible was do a rapid cram or hit the 2 minute notes or alternatively do questions on these topics.

- I did find one of the questionsbank [link suppressed ] on the net useful.Especially for nailing down some of the smaller chapters where I had gone down in my score.

- I just prepared for the last week or two with K& Bsince I was already sleepy/sick of seeing the book and all the underlined and dog eared pages of my making and was having lotsa work and some family obligations leading up to the exam....

- As the book says its all about having the knowledge at the right point of time....

Now I will proceed and try to become MAD..(SCMAD) ......
I heard a rumour that Sun is going to Hike the fee for the Voucher in Sept... :roll:
Did anyone hear anything of that sort....
Hmmm....where will I hunt and get my next discounted VOucher from .....
If anyone has anything for me for becoming MAD they could pass it across!!!

17 years ago
Thats great going ...Did you use the K & B book for scjp 1.4 ??
What did u refer for scmad 1.0.Did you use simulators like enthuware ,whizlabs or did you rely on the specs from sun ....
It would be really intresting to hear more on your experience...

Originally posted by speiestaaim:

I am posting my results quite late here... as I found this thread only today. I cleared SCJP 1.4 on Feb 4, 2006 with 90% score and SCMAD 1.0 on May 25, 2006 with 82%.

Thanks for all your help on JavaRanch while I was preparing for these exams!!!

18 years ago
First of all, I would like to thank everyone who has mailed on this thread to encourage and support me ...I really appreciate it..

I expect to size up and take up the challenge sometime soon after doing some better preparation..

I took the test on 19th. I happened to get an offer for a voucher that expires on the 30th of this month from a friend. But I am guessing that there has to be a two weeks gap between retests so I couldn't use it.Could anyone confirm that ?

Thanks in advance .....
[ June 20, 2006: Message edited by: William var ]
18 years ago
I failed miserably with 47% (29/61).Now I may have to give up my aspiration for a scmad certification.I am not too much into java more intrested into the workings of j2me.But really I was hoping just to clear with passing marks.If anyone has some very simple "straight forward" notes ( digestable stuff/dumps ) they could send it across to me ...I was finding that by the time I covered K & B from one end to another I was forgetting the beginings ...Studying & working on the side hasnt been too email id is

feeling grouchy so let me get back to work...

Thanks in advance....


[ June 19, 2006: Message edited by: William var ]
[ August 30, 2006: Message edited by: William var ]
18 years ago
Thanks Mark!!Keep Rocking ...
18 years ago
Hi everyone,

I dont know whether if this is the right place to ask this question.I have heard that the duration for taking a retest is two weeks.My question is there a duration gap between taking two exams eg. sjcp and any other exam in the 310 series like scmad?

Thanks in advance ,...

18 years ago
how did u do it in one week......did u have prior java experience...

quite baffling how u did it in one week..
18 years ago