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Recent posts by Vedhas Pitkar

Did the authors sell the publishing rights to two different publishers? Or are they two different books?
13 years ago
Thanks all for your informative responses.

We are facing a performance issue where the introduction of multithreading is slowing down the application.

The scenario is somewhat like:
There's a method methodA() which does a lot of processing(hitting database tables for CRUD, writing to log files). Since this takes time, we tried to do it in parallel. But the multithreaded version takes more time than the normal version of the code.

The code is like

Any inputs would be appreciated.

Istvan Kovacs wrote:Multithreading could be used for a number of purposes.

  • distribute work on a large dataset between CPU's (each thread performs the same kind of work)

  • Considering the above case, is it not similar to multiple requests to a web server? If multiple threads perform same kind of work (process a dataset) will the performance not be affected?
    Does that mean a multithreaded application will behave differently on the OS'es you mentioned above?

    I would like to know the various scenarios in which multithreading would be useful.

    Should multithreading be used when:

    1. All required data is read in memory and a lot of processing is to be done on it
    2. Or should the data reading in (1) be done with threads too?
    3. Or Should threads be used for different independent tasks such as buffering a video while playing it back simultaneously?


    David Newton wrote:@Vedhas: I don't think I agree with your analysis; CGLIB still seems to be supported, just differently, with Javassist being the default byte code provider.

    Sorry David, my first impression was that cglib has been replaced completely. Thanks for correcting me.

    But, is the move to JavaAssist a pure commercial one or did they find any problem with cglib itself? Hibernate has been acquired by JBoss and JavaAssist is a JBoss product..
    Here are a couple of links, though am not able to find the exact link on the Hibernate site

    It seems that JavaAssist has replaced cglib


    I recently read somewhere that Hibernate now has stopped using cglib for the proxy generation and now uses JDK's dynamic proxies. Does anyone know why this was done? Was it because cglib causes performance problems?

    Thanks in advance,
    Hi Teja,

    How would you compare Mark's book with Mikalais' study guide for SCEA? I know that Mikalai's guide is incomplete but still how do the objectives common in both books compare?
    My guess is that the old version is for the older exam and the new version would be for SCEA 1.5. So the newer version would be covering topics as EJB3,JSF which were not on the older version of the exam.

    Please feel free to correct me.
    Hi Justin,

    How about starting from the man who created Spring itself?

    Expert One-on-One J2EE Development without EJB by Rod Johnson

    There may be other better books but this will give you an idea about what led to the development of Spring and how.
    13 years ago

    I noticed in your TOC that you have mentioned Jacob Jenkov's Butterfly Container. I would have been like to have a chapter comparing the various DI frameworks available such as Spring, Guice, Butterfly

    hi Mansi,

    have you run an explain plan to find out if there's any full table scan?

    Profile & see if any tables are getting locked

    I wanted to know how to go about debugging a web/EAR application with Netbeans 6. I want to step through the JSP and the javascript code too.