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Recent posts by dileep krishna

Hi Folks,

Even I need a favor from you guys , I need to find the date of my Mom�s Birth Day to celebrate her first birthday after 50 long years, My Mom was born in year 1959 , one day before Deepawali festival in India,

I have tried seeing online Panchang (Hindu Calendar) and Mr Shailesh Chandra method of finding out date but was not successful

BTW Rashmi have you celebrated your dad�s 50th birthday on 11th October

I am very excited to celebrate my mom first birthday after 50 years

15 years ago
Hi all,

Please give me hint or guide how to start, to write the java class (or any other approach) to search all the properties file in the particular folder and add same content in each and every properties file. It would be great if u post some code or the similar links

Thanks for ur time
Dileep Kumar
18 years ago
Is it worth buying a 40/60 plot in jakannahalli, which comes in route of Electronic city to bannerghata road to,which is located 9km from electronic city cost is around 10 lakhs or is it advisable to go for flat ranging from 20 to 25 lakhs inside the city.

Don�t go to buy plots in blore that to in electronic city.we are expecting crash very very soon even the software market is going to crash because of blore poor infrastructure.

Can I apply for loan? What is the % of amount I can get and interest?

U will get 100% loan at 7.5 rate of interest

2) Is it advisable to buy plot applying for loan. If I buy a plot than it does not come under tax exception right than it become for me to save than what I should do in order to save tax, do I need to submit any receipts

it is not advisable to buy plot applying for loan

3) which is the best bank to apply for loan against plot

Citibank because of its services

4) which is better option for software professionals either plot or home for tax savings

Don�t go for anything just enjoy the money u get

5) If we get the 10 lakhs loan against plot what would be the EMI

Emi would be around 20,000 for 20years

6)can u plz explain me the land calculations briefly how we could calculate
ie come say 40/60

Even I don�t know others can help him in this regard
18 years ago
I have seen,heard and read a lot about psychic healers and stuff. Personally i believe very much in this . But how can someone justify a person like Benny Hin healings on TV and documented recordings of treatments of cancer and other impossible diseases .
Is this real or a big hoax???

Few months back Saint Ben Hinn visited bangalore and i being hindu attended his program.It was really amazing experience i have ever had.I felt like he is tranfering energy to my body by just seing him.

I surendered to him.
18 years ago
8000 per month is not a bad salary for 1 yr exp. But its not good salary also. Many companies gives 2 to 2.5 Lackhs average for fresher. So for 1 year experience you can expect same. There many other company's pays more.

wel said Mr KJ Reddy.Senior ranchers r doing very great job by responding to the queries.

I want to say especially you and ranchers thanks.Only because i followed ranchers suggestions in my carrer i am very happy.

Great Job You Are Doing Keep It Up.May God Bless You People.
18 years ago
My dear friend Santana and all job-seekers,

6 months before i too was in the same position like you. SCJP and SCWCD1.4 helped me to get the job.

I followed the suggestion of ranchers and subscribed to Whitepapers@yahoogroups.com in this group in folders section u will find mail id of companies and consultants arranged according to cities.Post ur resume to all this ids i assure that u will definetly keep getting calls.

Try sending your resume to consultants,naukri.com,etc,start at a low level,gradually within a short span of 2/3 years , you will do well,further,you come from Maharastra,why not apply directly to firms in Mumbai and pune.

Keep visiting all the groups for freshers.
say chetana-jobs@yahoogroups.com. (Enroll urself if you are not a member yet..)Most of the companies like TCS, CTS call for freshers very often. They will intimate their employess if any recruitment is on. So keep in touch with the employees. I'll let u now if I come across any openings. Don't hesitate to travel long distances for any interviews. Mail your resume to all the consultants like tvainfotech. . Surely you will get calls.

All the best and keep on trying.

wishing you luck!!!
18 years ago
Hi Rajesh

recently many of my friends who have passed BE/B-Tech CSE in 2004 have got the H1 Visa approved by paying 3 lakhs indian rupees to consultants or their relatives who r in USA and went to USA they all got good jobs

I mean to say if u r confident technically and have 1 yr exp with sun certifications than u can get job within 3 months after going there.

As u said that u have to pay 5k$.If u pay 5k$ u can earn 5000 $ within 3 months and recover the money after going there.So dont worry about paying money now.

As rashmi said earlier dont miss this golden opportunity now.If u miss this opportunity now u have to wait for 1 year because visa process will be stopped for this year

other rancher suggestions r most welcomed
18 years ago

MR KJ Reddy ,sania dutt ,Vijay Srikanth ,Suresh Thota ,
Kunal Raheja for ur input which helped my cousin carrer.

Depending upon ur suggestions my cousin decided to stay in wipro and cancelled the slash support offer.
18 years ago
Hi sangeeta kapoor

I think u r conclusion is not right regarding sun certification

I think no certification are valuable. I have 3 Sun certs and 1 Oracle cert, but no interviewer has ever bothered about them

Hi Rashmi,

Trust me most people in work force say certification is not necessary bla bla bla........Finally it is what works best for u.One more fact is only because i have done cert i got good job which i expected.

having multiple cert says u r smart ,goal oriented person who can stay independently, not only knowledge of subject
18 years ago
I guess its not a company to join by leaving job fro Wipro.

But he is getting double salary which he is getting in wipro.

He is afraid that he heard from somebody that it is a call center.Is this true.Let me know how is work culture their
18 years ago
Hi folks,

Do any of you guys heard about the Slash Support firm based in Chenai, India.

Please let me know as early as possible because the offer last till today evening if he did not decide..Sorry for urgency just now i came to know about this.

Presently he is working for wipro.he is getting double the salary there.
Any information about this firm is highly appreciated.Let me know any others also got the offer from slash support.Or let me know the phone numbers of the person who is working there.
18 years ago
Hi Rashmi,

It mainly depends upon ur interest.My suggestion is Better stay with sun certification even though u r working with IBM websphere.Because IBM cert have no value when compared with Sun cert.

I think Sun Certifications r more valuable and tougher than any other certification in the world.Without hard work u can not achive sun cert.

I am Sorry if u ranhers think my opinion is wrong.Plz express ur opnions on IBM or SUN certifications r valuable

Which Certification have more weight when included on resume
18 years ago
Hi rashmi,

I have mailed some material on CM & MQ to ur mail id.

I dont think Content Manager & MQ have the good future.In our company they r not used in any project.

I think they r used to develop products.only in product based companies they r used i think.I am not sure.

can any ranchers help rashmi to clear her doubt.
19 years ago