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Recent posts by Brenda Kwok

Thank you for your reply. I am downloading the material u suggested.

Thanks for your sharing!

I am interested with the OOA/D cert. Is it difficult or not (compare with SCEA design part). I have bought Head First Design Pattern to read. Do you think it is enough to pass the OOA/D exam?

Sorry, I submit the question wrongly. I want to ask first test how he prepares his exam to get the high mark.
I am a starter for SCEA and want to get the high mark as you. Can you share your experience with us.
Which cert is easier to pass SCEA or SCDJWS? I just passed SCBCD and choosing what I should study next.

Anyone can give me any idea? Thanks.

If I don't have working experience, do u think I can pass the SCDJWS?

I prepared the SCBCD using 3 weeks(3-4 hours a day), how long I need to prepare to pass SCDJWS?

SCEA or SCDJWS is easier to pass for a no working experience person.

My coming job is related to Java, so I need to equip myself now.
I think stateless bean can have BMT in ejbCreate and ejbRemove, right?
Thank you for your explanation. It is helpful for me.
In HFEJB P.670 Q37 (Answer is B and F)

I don't understand the explaination for answer F

F is true. The statement is
"Both stateful and stateless session beans can have instance variable state"
(comment: stateless can have state, just not client-specific state)

Can anyone use simple code to explain this ?


Do anyone know what's the purpose/usage of "re-entrant" field in DD for???
I am confused with the transient variable or non-transient(e.g. serializable object) variable different after passivation. Transient variable value will lose but non-transient variable value will be kept in activation?

Is it true we don't need to do anything (in ejbPassivated() method)? If it is wrong, what should we do in ejbPassivated() and ejbActivate() for those transient and non-transient varialbes.

I don't understand why the answer is A and B

What's true about the client's view of security?
A. A transactional client cannot change its principal association within a transaction.

B. A session bean's client cannot change its principal asociation for the duration of the communication with the session object.

C. Transactional requests within a single transation cannot arrive from multiple clients.

D. None of the above.

Can anyone explain under what situation the principal association can be changed?
Thank you!

It does not mean defining general Java class.
Do you know what does the statement in mean?

"The enterprise bean must not attempt to define a class in a package."
(The second last)