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David McAtee

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Recent posts by David McAtee

I need to find a new position. I have talent and am dedicated to doing a thorough job! Here is my cover letter:



Dear Sir or Madam:

Equipped with a bachelor�s degree and five years of IT manufacturing experience, I am writing to pique your interest in my qualifications for contributing to the success of your company in a lead developer/architect/designer capacity. My expertise includes software development, implementation, and policy/procedure development, and I am well versed in cutting-edge information systems.

In previous positions, I supported General Motors in identifying the expectations of statistical processing systems and implementing them into corporate standards. In addition, I established and created systems software to allow the measurement of new products as well as products in all phases of production for Daimler Chrysler. Over the course of my career, I:

Assisted in the development of a specialized machine that measured high crawler tractor frames and decreased measurement times to one third of the original time, improving accuracy and repeatability.
Supported the implementation of monitoring software for assembly operations at
Buick City, establishing a consistent rating process for statistical processing systems and standardizing expectations.
Prevented the closure of the Detroit Diesel Series 60 engine production by determining the cause of low horsepower and tracing the problem back to an unapproved engineering change.
Implemented an Internet-compatible system for reviewing measured data and performing statistical process control.

Confident that I possess the necessary abilities and qualifications to become a valuable member of your organization, I will contact you soon to schedule a personal meeting arranged at your earliest convenience. Until we speak, thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to our conversation.


David E McAtee

Here is my resume:

David McAtee

3130 Center Rd Highland MI 48357


With an emphasis on quality improvement and cost reduction, Mr. Mcatee has over 20 years of IT experience in data analysis, design, and development of databases and extensive experience with project management and java code design and generation. He offers over five years of java and JDBC experience using WebSphere, HTML, and JavaScript. He is highly qualified in the design, testing, and development of standard queries, nested queries, and database insertions/updates/deletions. With strong analytical, written, and verbal communication skills, he would be an asset to any engagement.


Korn ShellBourne ShellC ShellFortranAccess
JavaScriptMS OfficeMS-DOSOracle 9i/8i/8.x/7.x PL/1
UNIX SecurityVB ScriptVisual BasicWindowsXML


Bradley University, 15 credits toward1975-1977
Master of Science in Industrial Operations

Illinois State University1969-1975
Bachelor of Science, Physics


Certified Quality Engineer (America Society for Quality Control)1975-1984
Sun Certified Java Programmer2004


G-Tech Professional Staffing, Inc. Dearborn, MIJuly,1999-Nov.,2003

Systems Specialist, Assigned to DaimlerChrysler

TECHNICAL ENVIRONMENT: Balance of work in UNIX environment, with PC workstation for programming Java, J2EE Architecture, PERL, ANT, JavaScript, Bourne Shell, logical data modeling, iterative system development, XML development code,
C Shell, Korn Shell, ClearCase, RUP Methodologies, SED, Testing Methodologies, CMM SEI practices.

To reduce turn around time in engineering efforts while improving quality, I:

�Architected changes to CMDANA system using logical data modeling, iteratieve system development, and XML develoment tools using RUP practices.
�Designed, developed, and implemented 38 translator scripts in PERL to support import of measured data files to CMDANA database.
�Worked with communication supplier to allow automated uploads of measured data using PERL scripts.
�Defined, designed, coded, and implemented security considerations to allow management of specifications by engineering managers.
�Modified existing CMDANA/WEB from Net.Database to Java base then to using Servlets (J2EE architecture).
�Implemented ANT scripts to compile and deploy CMDANA/Web software.
�Led team to a self-analysis for Capability Maturity Model certification.
�Participated on corporate dimensional control steering committee.
�Analyzed, designed, coded, tested, and implemented changes to CMDANA/Web. Based on J2EE/LDAP.
�Used DELMIA, Catia V5 based digital programming/manufacturing tool.

EDS, Plano, TXMar.,1985-May,1999

Applied Specialist � Senior

TECHNICAL ENVIRONMENT: Varied, using PC�s, VAX, RSX-11, HP-1000, Mainframe running VSM, Visual Basic, CMM SEI Methodologies, YOURDON, Systems Life Cycle

To support engineering customer efforts (primarily GM), I:

�Technical leader for a team of 15 and a team of 200
�Assisted GM staff in adapting use of Unigraphics, allowing transfer of design files.
�Developed, supported, and trained GM staff on Seer Net Essentials.
�Using logical data modeling and iterative system development, analyzed, designed, developed, tested, and implemented a new SPC system, allowing flexible monitoring of production qualities and processes. Heavy use of SQL.
�Supported closure of Lansing 3800 Engine plant � provided system support for new operations.
�Led a team in defining and overseeing the construction of a corporate SPC system for GM.
�Supported machine monitoring and diagnostics.
�Analyzed, defined, and proposed a monitoring system for preventive maintenance.
�Coded, implemented, and maintained a flexible programming system of coordinate measuring machines.

Caterpillar, Inc. Peoria, ILSep.,1973-Mar.,1985

Software Design Specialist


To dramatically reduce set-up inspection time and improve quality, I:

�Defined, designed, coded, tested, and implemented software to allow coordinate measuring machines to use same programs. In doing so, I also rewrote the floating point package and added a 3-D vector package on top of it.
�Helped develop the practice of using NC controls and assisted in developing the process to produce clutch plates.
�Assisted in the development of NC tube bending methods.
�Maintained, programmed, and distributed operating systems for other quality assurance groups.

I can be available immediately if the need arises.
16 years ago
Does anyone hav a good recommendation to a book which covers the ins and outs of creating/modifying Web Services? I tried to take an offline test for a company and found the documentation in that area to be hard to locate.
16 years ago
Does anyone have a recommendation about the correct book(s) to use as a reference if you want to truly understand what Java Web services require. I just took a test for a company and it dealt with Web Services - I could find nothing RELIABLE to give a GOOD background on it.
16 years ago