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Recent posts by Francois-Xavier Douxchamps

Normally it is the same... In Europe it is two letters followed by seven digits...
"You will have until December 12 to submit your final assignment, after this date, we will no longer accept submissions and the assignment you have is obsolete."

If my english is correct, I think that the last day is the 12/12...

For the previous version of the exam it exists a assignement resubmission if you fail the first one.

Does it exist for the beta version ?


I live in Belgium. I am civil engineer and have 3 year experiment in java programmation. I have three certification SCJP 1.4, SCJP 5, SCWCD 1.4. I am currently studying the SCEA Beta 5 and SCBCD 5 certification.

I have already worked with open framework like Hibernate, Spring, Struts, JSF.

I am currently working as consultant and want to find an additional programmer job that I can do at home to improve my experiment.

If your are interested by this proposal don't hesitate to contact me...
16 years ago
You ca also implement a Web Services with a servlet which is also part of J2EE 5 SDK...
JPA allows you to have a really OO models using inheritance and polymorphism.

JPA allows you to choice the implementation you will use (this one provided by the AS, Hibernate, Toplink,...)

JPA can be used directly in the web tier... Its is possible to use JPA without EJB...
That is the black magic of EJB 3...

In fact during deployment of the EJB and the client, the container replaces the annotation by a jndi lookup using the name of the instance variable to locate an EJB... If no EJB is found you will have a NullPointerException using the instance variable.
I have a little question... J2EE 5 contains the EJB 3.0 specification but is the previous version (EJB 2.0) useful for this exam ?

When I read the objectives I see Entity Beans, CMP, BMP.... this is for EJB 2.0 isn't it ?
I'm not sure for security and what do you mean about maintainability ? Is it the same than manageability ?
I think there is no conditions at this moment... You will not receive your result just after the exam as it is usually for certification.

You will receive it after a few weeks... Then try to do your best and cross your fingers ;-)

I have two questions :
1. On the web page announcing this exam on the Sun web site you can find a list of resources to help you preparing for this exam. Do you thing this list is useful and complete ? For me I don't fin a lot of books specific for J2EE 5 except the specification.
2. About this objectives what are the new one and which are old in comparison with the previous version ?



I see two possible problems;
First are you sure the jar is in your classpath ?
Two, check if your jar contains the spring-web.jar ? I think that the missing class is in this package and not in the common spring jar
The list is :
public, protected, final, transient, throw, assert, goto, const, enum, float, short, byte, abstract, char, double, for, int, private, strictfp, throws, boolean, class, if, else, while, do, interface, import, extends, implements, switch, try, catch, finally, synchronized, void, this, super, volatile, native, break, continue, return, case, default, instanceof, long, new, package, static,
The problem is that the collection is not loaded automaticaly.
With hibernate 3, only the minimum is loaded. Then when we return a object not completely loaded outside the hibernate session, this exception occurs.

The solution is to mark the collection lazy=false in the hibernate mapping. With this, hibernate will automaticaly load this collection. And this exception will disappear...