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Recent posts by gayathri bhushan

Hi Marilyn,
Thanks for ur reply. I am using win98. When I was using it last feb-mar it was working fine but now it doesnt work. As I said I am not getting the questions. only answer choices and there is no link to finish (ie, the Done button) also. So please look into this as I really like to test my standing with this game.
Thank you.
-Gayathri bhushan
[ March 04, 2002: Message edited by: gayathri bhushan ]
20 years ago
I am preparing for the Certification exam and I would like to know if there are any changes tot he java programmer certification exam since feb 2001. I was trying to locate the page where changes are mentioned in the Sun website but was unsuccessful. Please tell if there are any changes in the exam ie, if some topic is included or some format change.....etc...
(if possible)please mention the location where these changes are posted in Sun website.
than you,
gayathri bhushan
i was trying to use the Rules Round up game and I saw that i didnt get the questions. All I got were the answer choices. Did anyone else try this game today or is something wrong with my system.
please reply soon,
gayathri bhushan
[ March 01, 2002: Message edited by: gayathri bhushan ]
20 years ago
thank you all guys....i am going to start my preperation today...
i was here for months last year same time but totally lost touch with java for almost one iam planning to write my java programmer certification within march...i was pretty ok in java when i stopped studying it.. now i have to start all over again.. any suggesstions on where to start and what to voucher expires in march so please give me your suggesstions.....
thank you,
can someone tell me what is natural order?
does a set store unique elements in natural order or is it a sorted set or hash set?
one more question can a static inner class be accessed only from the outer class or from the package directly or only with outer class insatance?
thank you
hi everybody,
i took the exam on 24th and i didnt get through..i got 34 answers right and didnt pass the exam....the big surprise is i had never failed in any of the mock exams and i always scored 75-80% in the mock tests even in the first one i took...and the day i went for exam i got 100% in the rules roundup game...and i really dont know what went wrong....
this was a very big blow to me as i've never failed in my life...even in a class test...

i am planning to take the exam again..but i really dont know where to start and what other ways can i prepare? iam really off and bummed with this. Now i have no idea of how to study or what to do. Can someone please guide me how to prepare and how do i start again....
21 years ago
thank you all...but still, iam confused...
i read from khalid that thread is set to normal priority but in mock exams they say its the parent threads priority...
so if i have to answer in exam which one should i choose?
for eg:
state true or false
if a thread is not assigned a priority during creation the priority assigned to it is Thread.NORM_PRIORITY
please clear my doubt soon as iam taking the exam tomorrow
if the priority for the thread is not specified during creation whaat is the priority of that thread?
is it normal priority set by the constant NORM_PRIORITY or is it that the priority is the same as the priority of the thread that creates it...please answer soon
thank you in advance
Which methods may cause a thread to stop executing?
1 sleep();
2 stop();
3 yield();
4 wait();
5 notify();
6 notifyAll()
7 synchronized()
Select all correct answers.
the correct answers are 1,2,3,4.
but in khalid it is given clearly as "calls to methods suspend(), sleep() and wait() do not stop a thread..they only cause the thread to move out of its running state. a thread will stop only when it is done executing the run method"
which one is right...please answer me
hi neelu,
congrats on your great success. can you please tell me where i can fing maha and mukarjee exams...
thank you and once again congrats
21 years ago
Thank you all so much. now iam clear....the question regarding the insets constaraint and the long, float declaration are from khalid and so be careful when you do the tests.
thanks to u all again
Hi everybody,
i have some simple,basic questions...hope someone can clear my doubts...
1. does a class having final method be declared final?
2. can overloaded methods throw exception that is not in the other method? what are the exception rules for method overloading?
3. are long and float variables valid if declared as
long l=256788;
float f=8.909923;
ie. without L/l and f following them....?
4. i saw this question s += i; where s is short and i is integer and finally when you evaluate it is stored in short then howcome this expression is valid? are the rules diffrent for short circuit evaluation?
5. which of the following are valid gridbag constraints?
1 ipadx
2 fill
3 insets
4 width
the right answer is 1,2. why is insets not a valid constraint?
i guess it is also a constraint in gridbad constraint class
thank you
thanks to you all for your reply. Sun currently does not have any official sample questions, do any of you know where i can find the old sample questions atleast....has someone taken the exam recently and how is it? are mock exams closer to it....if so which one? can u please answer me...
thank you in advance