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Recent posts by Bhanu

I'm sorry for you !!
Yes - questions were very lenghty and judging the options may vary from person to person based on what they think is right. But in my experience Sun exam questions are never ambiguos. I've done SCJP, BCD and SCEA(95%) all with high 90's.. and to be honest, I've not thought I would score 95% in SCEA until I see the score on PC screen. I think, it's just a matter of judgement when it comes to SCEA test. You need to judge right in the given context without adding your assumptions. It's just JUDGEMENT.

Good luck.. I believe you can do it next time.
I do partially agree with your opinion abt years of exp and knowledge, since I used to have the same opinion in early days of my career.

But later learned that good experience always matters a lot. I blv that 8 years is a min requirement for becoming an Arch.
17 years ago
Wonderful Score!!
17 years ago
Thanks Nathan!! I'm convinced. It was a Myth and your program busted it.
17 years ago
Thanks Jeff, But I don't agree with your assumption. An object is considered as unreachable by GC if it's not reachable by any strong references.

Let's take the same example picked by you. If A and B are referenced by each other and are not referenced by any Object that's is in use by a Thread then GC consider them a collectable.
Please check the following link.
17 years ago
I've this question lingering in mind since one of my Sr. team mate told me that. He asked me to remove the listeners before disposing/closing the frame. He says, if we don't remove then listeners will not be collected by GC at all. That didn't make any sense to me. GC will check the reachabilty of all objects and it would collect any unused objects when it finds them.
I would be happy to know If there is a valid reason behind my Sr's thumbrule.
17 years ago
It was very tough for me to get 65% percent in most of the mock exams But I scored 95% in Part-I. I say it depends on how well you understood the concepts..I guess you can sit for the exam
1) I do not recommend SPRING as this could be another layer of unnecessary abstraction over core J2EE APIs and could hurt performance which is essential for a trading system.

2) iBatis could be solution if you want to leverage out-of-box DAO's for your Persistence layer. And I don't recommend Hibernate for the same reason of performance and scalability.

3) It's best to desing our applications depending on the complleing requirements by leveraging light weight, simple and out-of-box technologies based on core J2EE specs rather than going for fancy non-standard frameworks.

4) AJAX could be a better one to use.
[ May 16, 2006: Message edited by: Bhanu P Jasthi ]
I suggest Cade's book, GOF Patterns and online materials.
The Score break up is as follows:
Hi all,
Thanks to JAVARANCH. I passed SCEA part-I with 95%, that I've not at all expected. I've just prepared the following short notes and that helped me A LOT.
And Cade's book and GOF Patterns books are very good source for preparation. I've hardly prepared for one week before the exam. Exam questions are very clear to answer( not like the mock exams where Q's are quite confusing and not enough clear to answer..though they help you to prepare for the exam). Let me know if you need any specific information.



Break up:

Concepts -100%
Common Architectures - 83%
Legacy Connectivity - 100%
EJB - 100%
EJB Container Model- 100%
Protocols - 66%
Applicability of J2EE - 100%
Design Patterns - 100%
Messaging - 100%
Internationalization - 100%
Security - 100%
18 years ago
I think NOTSupported is the most suitable one in that case. Since the wording is not suggesting MUST NOT.

Please let me know.
Primitive type data is serializable. Isn't it?
That would have made a better sense, if it was mentioned as

PKey should be a serializable non-primitive Type.
Couple of sources can be found by following :

And I found it reasonably good at Free online preparation at

All the best.
Spec has no direct mention on Primary Key Field Type. But we can infer from other explanation that primkey-class value must always be a Java Class. If your Primary key field is not a compound key and is basically a primitive type then you are supposed to wrap that in Wrapper class.
ejbCreate method should always be implemented to return Primary Key Class type. And in that case you should not define prim-key-field in DD. Hope this would clear your doubt.

It's very unfortunate that HFEJB has not discussed about such things in it.
[ March 07, 2006: Message edited by: Bhanu P Jasthi ]
I got through with 92%. Thanks to the forum for their support at crucial time.

I've read HFEJB but I don't recommend this for exam preparation. I strongly recommend people to go through the EJB Specification which is the penultimate & accurate source of information. I got confused with the layman's approach given in HFEJB book. And lot of stuff is debateable,confusing and not straight forward. I say it INCOMPLETE and CONFUSING. Though, I appreciate Kathy & Bert for making EJB understandable to Layman. They really did a great job. But that doesn't fit to be a book to prepare for exam. So read the EJB specification just in case if you are confused with the over simplification in the book....There is lot to know from the spec and there is very little information in the book. Decide yourself. Utilize the forum and post your question after searching the forum throughly for answers.( and not before!!)

Following revision notes helped me a lot during the revision(Verify some of the points in that)

My Suggestions:

1) Read the spec in and out. It's easy and better than HfEJB or other books. Don't waste time in reading books. Put the same effort in reading spec and that proves worth at the end.
2) Prepare check points while reading. That helps and you need not read the spec again and again
3)Be clear on Roles and Responsibilities. All my mistakes are in that area only.(HFEJB miserably failed to present them.)
4)Manage your time in the exam by preparing for a couple of exams before hand. HFEJB books mock exam is ok and may be the language is similar to the questions in the actual exam. Exams at is also ok.
5) Call the exam center a day before to confirm if every thing is ok. They told me that the exam was cancelled due to technical problems in thier center when I went to the center. Don't be fooled that way.
18 years ago