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since Dec 06, 2004
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Recent posts by Zhing Lam

Yes, but this list is so large, I would like see some comparative between them...
18 years ago
With PHP Nuke or PHP Fusion, etc, whose giveme an administrator interface, that allow me create my portal without writing (or with a little) code.

Somebody can advice me any software similar but with Java?

Thanks in advance.
18 years ago
How do you type for request the resource? I mean, you type something like:
Exactly man, in ${person.aNotExistProperty}, if "person" not exist (null), it isn't the problem, the case I refer is when "person" (important, "person" is a bean, not a map) exists in some scope (not null), and you access a property that not exist, is exception.
Hello, can someone confirm me the follow:
In the errata published at OReilly, say that the page 432, Q17, the option C (If the . operator is used to access a bean property but the property doesn't exit, the a runtime exception is thrown) "is invalid and should not be checked." but I think the option C is OK, I test it at tomcat, and that was OK (throw exception), the same problem I found at page 447, that say "EL expression by itself will not cause an exception if the property doesn't exist". That can justify at JSP spec, pag 105 (last line of JSP2.3.4).
How did you invoke you JSP? I suspect you invoke it directly(using something like http://localhost:8080/hobbypage.jsp), if that was the case, you should invoke it using the servlet name.