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Recent posts by Vinicius Carvalho

Hello there! I've just cleared part one (45/48 - 93%). As SCEA is an "old" technology speaking exam. I'd like to build my project based on new stuff like SOA. Am I free to use new stuff like Webservices, SDO, JBI & JPA?

I'm kinda confused on this. Also, am I free to choose the project subject?

Hello there! Just got my certification. Passed the exam with a 73%

Anyone interested in get some advices might contact me at
Hello there! I've taken this test last week, unfortunatelly I did not pass got 38/59 needed 39/59.

I've studied both SW718 and 719 plus IBM SOA Foundation and found that they are not enough.

I had some bad experience with questions related to Tivoli security products (Access Manager and Identity Manager)

Also, some "strange questions" like: which of the statements is MOST true. In our job is hard to justify that something is true, now, most true was too much too me, I guess it depends on point of view.

An example:

SOA Can not be accomplished by other technologies but Webservices, I've marked false, IBM says its true (???)

Also one question that gave me the creeps was one regarding performance of Process Server...

So close, yet so far away, but hey, that's life...

Maybe I get a better score next time


Hello there!
I have a query that returns a large amount of data (please don't throw any rocks at me, I really have some reasons for this query although I do not agree with them). The query is very simple:
SELECT email from USERS; single column, indexed on Oracle 10g.
Problem is: 1.98 million results.
Well, running this query using a tool like SquirrelSQL (pure java) it does run (ok, I dunno what kind of parameters it use to maybe limit the size of the query return)
But truth is, when I run this (I'm using Spring with JDBC here), as soon as I hit:; I get this exception.
Is there a way to avoid this? I've checked Oracle's docs and it says that it's caused because there's too many opened cursors. I'm stupid on this, but a single connection has more than one cursor?

Any ideas on how can I fetch such huge amount of data?
Hello there! I always thought that when configuring a datasource, for the driver, I should only use some driver, let me put this way :


Well, but I've been asked about replacing the connection-driver from oracle.jdbc.driver to oracle.jdbc.pool.OracleDataSource
and it keeps working. I just wonder how, if they are completly different classes, that have no common ancestors?

Best Regards
Sorry, the problem was within the commons http client, was not authorized, really sorry. forget about this
18 years ago
Hello there! I'm using HttpClient to fecth some images (I do have permission for those ) and then save them on filesystem. What I was doing so far is getting the inputstream and saving it:

Well, but that its just not working (When I try to open, viewers complain about wrong headers). How can I save those images on my filesystem?

18 years ago
Yep, I have all the jars needed, just copied them from the struts/lib distribution.

nope, none of the libs are being loaded by another area of my classloader.

Any ideas?
18 years ago
Hello there! I'm having a strange problem with my struts app (1.2.9),
it's been a long time since the last time I've used struts (being in
the Swing world for a while now).

The application launches an error on startup:

Well, I've checked the Action class and it really does not have an
addForwardConfig method.

Here's my struts-config.xml:

All the files (validation, validator and tiles) are placed under the
WEB-INF in the war file.

My AcmeAction extends ActionSupport from Spring's helper classes.
First I thought was this, but then I've changed it to a regular
action, and the problem persists. As it throws an Severe message, I'm
guessing this is the cause that I can't access my application (when I
try to access the index.jsp) I get an 500 Error complaining about not
having a principal ActionForward defined on my global-forwards.

BTW here's index.jsp:

Any ideas please?

18 years ago
We have immediate set to true so, the form validation does not occur before the excluirEventos happens. Since it's a master detail, we have textFields that are empty when the user clicks on the remove link, and if the validation happens we get an error.
18 years ago
Little bit of more info:

There's another issue I forgot to mention. When the user clicks on the
commandButton, the method on the managedBean:

the listaUiData (the one bound to the component) does not has it's children boolean values changed (it should be marked as true...)

We're using myfaces-1.1.3 here

18 years ago
Hello there! We have a team developing a system using JSF here. They're facing some problems with commandLinks and selectBooleanCheckBox (I have a Tapestry background, please Im not here to argue pro or against technology, just explaining that I have no JSF background so ever).

What is happening is we have a master-detail form. The details links show all the possible selections. When the user selects a row, and triggers the event for it, it reloads the page, with the master form populated. Well, this is happening ok, problem is that the checkbox itself gets unchecked when the new pages is submited. What can be done to let the same checkbox checked when the page reloads?

Best Regards
[ May 25, 2006: Message edited by: Vinicius Carvalho ]
18 years ago
Hello there! I'm building an ant script that needs to stop the server, copy some files and then start it again.
I'm using antcall to start/stop the server. So when I run my task it begins to stop the server, but it calls the start before the shutdown was donne.

How can I force the completion of the first antcall before the second is started?

18 years ago
Hello there! is it possible, from an ant task inside my eclipse, start a previously configured remote debug? What I'm trying to do is trying to create a task that starts my oc4j instance and then plugs eclipse on to in through a debug configuration.

is it possible?
Hello there! We need to use the Oracle's extended ant task for deployment on OC4J. Well, I'd like to know which is the easiest way to do this (without modifying my eclipse Ant runtime for example).
I've tried to import this file, but it throws an error on the taskdef because of base dir differences (it tries to load oracle/antlib.xml and it does not find the file.

What can I do?

Best Regards
18 years ago