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Recent posts by Gary Jones

Hi ,
I am trying to connect to Sybase from Struts by configuring the struts-config.
But when i try to load application page that connects to database I get the following error

My struts-confic looks like this

What do you guys think could be the problem.
Pl. help.
16 years ago
Can we mix java code and struts together.
Meaning if I want to assign a java variable a value which is stored in a struts tag or form bean property
String str = <bean:write name="myBean" property="midrange"/>;
System.out.println("string ::"+str);

This obviously a compile time error.
How do i assign values stored in beans to java variables.
Excuse me for writing scriplets in jsp page when we really have struts framework.Its a temp solution.
16 years ago
When i load the first page of my web application )made in struts) - I want to prepopulate a select box with
dyanamic data from the database.
I am able to populate the select boxes in later pages where the form bean is populated with database data and this is extracted in the select box.
But for the first pagfe where no session scope is established how do we do this.
16 years ago
I need to start debugging my "Java Application" (This is a swing based application) in WSAD.
The start class needs some input paramerts/arguments and classpath settings so it is not as simple as "java classname".
When i want to debug the application it staright away starts from the class having the main method but later on the program fails as the necessary conditions have not be specified.
Can you tell me how to set up a class before begining to debug it.
I need to specify parameters and arguments to the java class
pARAMERTS COME AFTER "java" command but before specifying the name of the start class.
arguments come after the classname.
Pl. help.
Effective Java is quite good shows the depth of the author understanding - at the same time we get such good exposure to in depth knowledge - Effective Java is certainly good - beginers might not be able to appreciate it.
16 years ago
I recently got time to see JBuilder - it looked convincing for struts but is their anything even better - has anyone compared JBuilder,Netbeans,Eclipse for Struts development.
I will definetly checkout Netbeans - an open source editor like Eclipse has more lineage for me as it has lot of support and plugins available but is everything stream lined - meaning when u try to get started with something by installing the plugin is it easy or does it take a terrible lot of time.
The Miracles of Mindfullness - Thich Nath Than
Life of Pi - Yann Martell
My Experiments with Truth - Mahatma Gandhi
16 years ago
I agree with Arun Sharma's view.Try for product development company.
16 years ago
Product companies are better off and provide a wide variety of onsite openings - including onsite support,Training on client end,implementaton - your product should be popular.
16 years ago
What is the best IDE for struts - Easy fast and user friendly ?
I am trying to start Eclipse on Solaris
using the command below,
java -jar startup.jar

but i get the following error,

$ java -jar startup.jar
java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: java.lang.Runtime: method removeShutdownHook(Ljava/lang/Thread Z not found
at org.eclipse.core.launcher.Main.takeDownSplash(
at Code)
at org.eclipse.core.launcher.Main.main(Compiled Code)

Help me....?
What is the problem ?
Thanks - I think the struts resources link is good.
Stutting with struts link is also good.I had a peep into iBatis there for data mapping also.
16 years ago
Guys - What is the best way to learn struts any good book - sugestions.
I find it particularly tough to undersatand the form controls - specially the Select box(Drop down box) - populating it with data from database by iterating.
Is there any book that explains these concepts in details.
Also any good and friendly editor for Struts.
16 years ago
Here is the sub query solution - may or may not require minor syntax changes based on the sql brand you are using

select account_number,attribute5
hz_cust_accounts.cust_account_ID like (select CUSTOMER_ID from WSH.WSH_DELIVERY_DETAILS where SERIAL_NUMBER like 'AAX04140025SA' and source_header_number like '1281003')
OE_ORDER_HEADERS_ALL.header_id = (select CUSTOMER_ID,source_header_id from WSH.WSH_DELIVERY_DETAILS where SERIAL_NUMBER like 'AAX04140025SA' and source_header_number like '1281003')

16 years ago
That is a good way to do it - what if we do not have the rowid option,then is there a way.
16 years ago