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Recent posts by ashton patel

Thanks for quick responses.
Is it possible to straight go for SCDJWS without knowing too much detail about XML.
What I mean is I am novice in XML, I have to learn all the technology anyway..
My aim is to become good at WebServices Developer, thats what I see coming up in my group in next 6 months.

Do you recommend going through IBM - XML certification path Learn XML thoroughly and then Go for SCDJWS of I can straight study for SCDJWS ?

Thanks Again
Qustion for you Hari.
Which certification to go first

IBM - XML technologies
or SCDJWS certification..

my main purpose to get into XML deep is to learn about webservices..
whats your expert openion on this ?

What is an ideal way to go to get best out of certification

IBM XML certification and then SCDJWS or
Straigh SCDJWS ?

Please Guide me
Hi all..
My main goal to get XML certification is to get into realm of Webservices...
now which certification to go for ?
IBM certified - XML and related technology or
Sun Certified Developer of Webservices ???

Guide me..
Hey HTH, It helps...

keep up the good work
Question for you Hari..

Your signature says "Author : Whizlab XML simulator"..

and did you cleared XML exam after you wrote the XML simulator ?
and you also had to "Purchase" simulator (which your signature mentions that you wrote...)..
I think we are missing a point somewhere...

Would highly appriciate if you can clear confusion which is there in my head.

Btw thanks a lot for tips..its a big help..

Wondering..Do you get any "Certificate" stating you passed XML certification. ?

How one proves if someone asks to show the proof of passing XML certificate ?
Please share your prepration plan with us.
Did you have any prior experience in XML.
How much time you will think will take a novice for me to prepare for exams ?

Congrates for XML and good luck for the next one.

Sonal..Pick the HeadFirst Servlet & JSP book and start going through it..
The best way to start..more you will read more you will explore this forum, you will get what you want..
I can relate to your situation of searching for job. Been there , Faced that.

To start with couple suggestions

1) Make your resume such a way that it reflects overall j2ee skills.

Strategy : Search on to,, to look for j2ee jobs.
Apart from java what all skills employers are looking for.

In general if you want to get into j2EE, you are expected to be familiar with Concept of Java, JSP, Servlets, Struts ( Head First Servlet and JSP book is real good one to get sound understating of JSP,SERVLET, STRUTS), XML ( basic understanding), and any of the App server and webserver. Download free version of WSAD ( web spehere Application Developer studio - its trial version is free).

If you can afford take help from professional resume writers such as monster have their own resume services. Its a personal experience of my friends that they got average one call per week for a job when they had resume done through professional service than others who got average 1 call per month with ordinary resume.

Again to summarize java, jsp,servlets, xml, struts, webspehere, tomcat , jboss - overall knowledge should be good enough for you to get interview calls.

you may not get job at very first interview but then every previous interview will prepare you for the next interview..and thats the way to go.

Good luck with your job search

Well, As you are mentioning that you dont have much experience in JSP and Servlets. And you want to look for job in java after you get this can do that too.
But Accroding to me much practical approach will be, Hence you are already SCJP that should give you some platform to look for job. I will suggest start looking for job from right now.

Cause by the time you will get your SCWCD it will be 2 to 3 months from now on.And if you will start looking for job in java 1 month to 2 month is the practial looking time you are talking about depends upon which country you are in right now ( USA or INDIA OR Any other part of world).

So when you will get the job you are already familiar with lots of JSP servlet concepts ( one more month from now, if you follow Headfirst Servlet and JSP book..thats pretty easy to follow). So you will be actaully face interview better while you are already preparing for SCWCD.

So to summarize my suggestion will be start looking for job and go agressive for SCWCD. by the time you will get your job you are on your way to get certified any way. That way you wont loose any time inbetween.

Hope this helps..
Thanks guys..I got it..
Ranch hander's - thanks for being nice with me so far , now you can throw me out of SCWCD's causy home..I will survive in diffrent forum.

Thanks friends..see ya around at Product launge..

Dont forget to wear your cowboy hat though..Its wild wild west there..

See ya
I know...I thought i was driving in right direction (UML forum ) but then one sign said follow the road less traveled (ask in SCWCD) I thought I will give it a try in this forum too hence so many people are studying for.
Hope i didnt hurt anyone's fillings.. argh:

help..please... : :
I know Ranchers, I will be kicked and cursed and will be thrown out of this SCWCD community for asking UML question..
But Please guide me where to get studynotes,mockexams and related information regarding to UML certification..
afterall i am also a rancher, This time in wrong barn..

Please guide me guys before you throw me out of this form to anyother forum