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Recent posts by Ferry Lukito

I have problem with populating text fields upon selecting item in the combo box. I have 2 class, 1 to handle the GUI and the other, Controller to handle the database. Controller constructor takes the GUI as an input.
This is what I did in simplified version:
------------- GUI Class ------------
JComboBox combobox = new JComboBox();

public void comboboxListener(ActionListener al)

GUI.comboboxListener(new combolistener());

class combolistener implements ActionListener{
public void actionPerformed(ActionEvent ae){
16 years ago
Yep it worked well after i uploaded it, but the strange thing is that when i test it again today, without any modifications to the files that I uploaded, it didnt work for both Mozilla and IE. I cant tell why. I tried to overwrite files on the host, but still it didnt work. I did some testing, it turns out that the popup function that update the source file did not work. I tried to refresh but still no effect...
Hi, the code works in Mozilla now. However it does not really work in the IE.when i click on the pic, the pop up will initially show the pic. When i click on the warning alert to allow the javascript to run on the IE, the pic disappear. I tried to refresh, but it didnt work either. The functions, are however, working perfectly well. Thanks alot...
The following is the code in the parent code:

this code is for the pop up menu:

The objective is to click on a thumbnail in the parent window and have a pop up window appear with the 1st picture displayed is the corresponding picture from the thumbnail. I cant think of any other feature other than onLoad to solve the problem.
Thanks b4...
Hi, thanks for the input. The scripts work well after I changed the IE setting. However using refresh button does not help at all. Also the scripts cannot be run on Mozilla. Any idea why is that so?

Thanks alot....
I created a popup window and I want to pass a single value from my parent window to the child window. I tried the tutorial that Eric posted in his blog, http://radio.javaranch.com/pascarello/2005/01/18/1106063002000.html. I can send the data from the child to the parent, but when it comes for the parent window to send the data to the child window, it did not work. The script initially worked, but in the pop up window, there is this warning by the system regarding about the script. When I click ok to allow the script to run, the data was gone. I installed SP2 for my window.

Any idea on how to solve this? Thanks alot..
Yeah, the suggestion works well. Thanks.
hi guys, I'm a newbie in javasript and would like to get some help. I need a javascript that allows me to view image in a pop up window. I have a main window that has all the thumbnail of the pictures. When users click on any of the pictures, there will be a pop up window appears, with the enlarged picture of the selected picture and I would also like to allow user to click on "Next" and "Back" button on the pop up window to browse through the next and previous button. Anyone can help me on this? Thanks b4...