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Recent posts by Ganesh Phapale

Thanx for ur help
nick and mahesh

i am working on it and will find the solution soon

thanx again
14 years ago
we can add key listener
but how to diaplay the data under the text box like an selection list in combo box ???

14 years ago
I have the database containing the names of the employees
and i have a req. to develope the system in which
if i type any letter in the text box then the names starting from that letter
should appear as a drop down selection list under the text box.

like in case of internet browser address bar .

I want to know how it can be done using Swing

please help
14 years ago
I also planning for cert exam SCJP 5.0

looking fwd for ur help

I am also planning to give the certification in a months time

so looking fwd to this wonderfull grp to get some help

i.e. problem will not arise as far as the mails are delivered and not bounced.

but still what to do when the list is in Lacs and bouncing per% above 25%

searching out for automated bounced mail handlers..
15 years ago
there might be 2 reasons :
1. package is not properly installed / placed
2. the package might be damaged

to be of sure u can extract ur "package.jar" file and trace out the folder structure.
u should get ur package properly placed in the folder structure.
if ur code & the folder struture is right then it should get that package.
pls try.
15 years ago

I have a code in JSP

very much closer to java.

u can extract what u want.

15 years ago
I faced a very bad experiance with Intellij IDE

I downloaded the Intellij IDE 30 days trial version.
while I wrote my first program and tried to deploy
{ I configured it to my Tomcat server }
it in my Local Tomcat Server's WebApp directory which was my current working diretory (contained a lot of my project work),
I got a shoking surprise that ALL of my earlier files like
*.jsp, *.js,etc..
ALL files except my folders got permantly deleted

now I had left with only my folder structure

I had used other IDEs also but this was not the result.

I am wondering what could be the reason??
thanx for ur replies..

I got ur idea but can you please give some hints in coding to get access to INBOX on my mailserver inorder to parse the mails.
pls help

there is another problem (from my earlier post)
also there is a issue of getting my server declared to be sending spam by mailservers like Yahoo,Hotmail,etc..
and all the mails wil get blocked !!!

>>Is there any limit on sending the mails to mailservers such as Yahoo,Hotmail,..?

>>There are desktop softwares for sending bulk messages which uses the tricks of altering SMTP IP addresses, introducing delays after some intervals, altering from accounts etc...

I have to yet try this option

is there any other alternative???
15 years ago
Hi !
Regarding my previous post replies I didn't got satisfactory answer b'coz
in the Jakarta Commons mails also the setbouncedaddress method sets the adress to that of the from field adress
Since my Database is huge and the bounced mails are in large amount, causes the mail account (eg. , from where I send the mails) to get full in turn causing the server to crash.

though I limit the Number of mails sent daily to a small figure to avoid above mentioned problem
The another problems still persists
>> How do I get the email ids of the bounced mails and remove them from my database , since bounced mails are coming on the some account may be instantly or after some amount of time?
How do I read those emails ?
How do i stimulate my code when i get the bounced mail?

15 years ago
Hi !
I had posted the same kind of query but I have not recieved satisfactory answer.
If somebody has faced such a kind of problem pls help me.

thanx in advance...
15 years ago
I have a requirement for sending newsletters (HTML fromatted mails) to subscribers.

I have to pick up the email ids from database and send the newsletter.

but I can't do it in a simple
while (
loop till all r not finished.

since I am having Large number of entries in database (arround 3-4 Lacks)
if many of them bounces back then it will cause my server to crash down.

and also there is a issue of getting my server declared to be sending spam by mailservers like Yahoo,Hotmail,etc..
and all the mails wil get blocked.

therefore I need to track mails which are bounced back and remove those entries from database.
can anybody suggest the best approach of doing so??

pls help!
15 years ago

In the Code that I have given to you,
you have to specify ur SMTP server's IP address so as to get it working for sending mails.
for that you can contact ur server Administrator.

that's it!!

15 years ago
you just have to specify message's type as "text/HTML" in ur code..

here is the code :

String to ="To";
String from ="From";
String cc ="CC";
String bcc ="BCC";
String subject ="Subject";
String smtp ="your SMTP server IP";
String message="<html> <title> TEST </title> <body> Hello! </body> </html>";
String result="";

Properties props = System.getProperties();

// Puts the SMTP server name to properties object
props.put("", smtp);

// Get the default Session using Properties Object
Session session1 = Session.getDefaultInstance(props, null);
// Enable the debug mode
// Create a New message
MimeMessage msg = new MimeMessage(session1);
// Set the From address
msg.setFrom(new InternetAddress(from));
// Setting the "To recipients" addresses
msg.setRecipients(Message.RecipientType.TO,InternetAddress.parse(to, false));
// Setting the "cc recipients" addresses
msg.setRecipients(Message.RecipientType.CC,InternetAddress.parse(cc, false));
// Setting the "Bcc recipients" addresses
msg.setRecipients(Message.RecipientType.BCC,InternetAddress.parse(bcc, false));
// Sets the Subject
// set the meaasge in HTML format
// Set the Date: header
msg.setSentDate(new java.util.Date());

// Send the message
// If here, then message is successfully sent.
// Display Success message
result = result + "Mail sent To: "+ to;
//if cced then, add html for displaying info
if (!cc.equals(""))
result = result +"cced To: "+cc;
//if Bcced then, add html for displaying info
if (!bcc.equals(""))
result = result +"Bcced To: "+bcc ;

result = result+"";

catch (Exception e)
// If here, then error in sending Mail. Display Error message.
result=result+"Unable to send your message"+e;
}//end catch block

15 years ago