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Recent posts by Vicky Pandya

I have followed all steps in creating MD5 certificate, Map API key etc. I also signed my app and everything worked fine yesterday on my Mobile device. I was able to see Map with no issue in my application etc. Today all of a sudden it stopped displaying Map but just gray grid. Any idea?

11 years ago
Any comments?
11 years ago
Hello Jeff,

What are your thongs on Android fragmentation. Fragmentation is something to fear or to embrace? Fragmentation demands developers to spend more time in making their app compatible for different Android versions and hardwares too. Have you addressed this topic in your book?

11 years ago
I do have data to search and use Solr for searching. Trying to understand real usage of Hadoop. If I understand it correct, Hadoop isn't a replacement of Solr/Lucene right?
11 years ago
Hello Chuck,

What would be the use case to use hadoop in an enterprise searches?
11 years ago
Hello all,

could be a stupid question:- I have a requirement that part of the same transaction, I need to insert and subsequently make two more updates to the same records (same pk) in a single transaction. These operations have to be all or nothing. Anyway to achieve in a single transaction? or any other idea?

I am developing an application, which needs to connect to bank web sites and download transactions etc. This is exactly same requirement where personal money manager sites like allows adding banks into your mint account so every time you login to it can connect to your bank and download info from there. Any pointers?

I have an application which requires different view per client. Currently application is being used only for one client and now is expanding to support multiple clients. Although basica functionalities of the application remain same client wants to see Home page and otehr pages most customized per their preference. E.g. Client A wants to see their business specific attributes and things on pages whereas client B as its own list of things it want to see on all pages. what's the best way to achieve this?
have a requirement to design/implement decision making tool. This is nothing but bunch of questionnaires with answers. "and" & "or" combinations of answers for questions. we are going to use Ajax calls for making this more intuititive. we are thinking to store questions, answers in an XML file or something like that to make this simple. FYI: This isn't a huge application.

Is there any readily available framework/tool which we can refer to or any great ideas of how to approach this mini decision making project?

our J2EE application (using spring) needs to talk to VB .NET thick clients. this would be two way communications. two of the scenarios are

1)J2EE app sending notifications to .NET thick clients (multiple clients)

2).NET client sending message (notification) to J2EE application and waiting for confirmation.

what are the technology options we can explore?

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[ April 12, 2007: Message edited by: Vicky Pandya ]
I don't think that you can do apple-to-apple comparison. You should have rather asked for a comparison of J2EE with .NET

Here are some pointers

Originally posted by Mike Keith:

JPA can be deployed in a servlet container, an EJB container, and outside any Java EE container at all (i.e. it can run just sitting in a Java SE runtime). When it does run inside a Java EE Container, though, the level of integration that you get with the Container surpasses what Hibernate or any other ORM framework can offer, and does so in a completely portable manner.

Remember, JPA is a specification, or API, not an implementation. Programming to a spec is always going to give you more portability. The weight of the implementation depends upon the provider that you use underneath.


Thanks for the response Mike. Agreed on what you mentioned above. Though JPA is portable and can be deployed outside EE container, deployment of EJB 3.0 would still require EJB container.
Mike Keith and Merrick Schincariol:-

How would you justify usage of EJB 3.0 over hibernate keeping in mind following concerns
1)Supporting multiple databases
2)Lightweight O/R mapping framework (Hibernate)
3)No EJB container is required for Hibernate, which can run on any servlet container. EJB can't be deployed on servlet container.
I am debating with my team for the architecture of market picture of our trading system. Every time when new trade arrives into database (it's also stored in JMS queue for other processing), system should refresh all users' browser with latest market picture. Most likely Flex 2.0 will be used for UI. Flex has some concept of "server push", which upon receiving new trade in queue, can "push" new data to users (browsers). I am not Flex exprt so not much sure about this technique.

We are using Spring in business layer including SPring JDBC to interact with database. I was thinking to use some kind of webservice, which will be invoked when new trade is entered in the database, refresh will occur on user's browser. However I am not sure how it can refresh all users' browser? Or should Spring consumer be created for such requirement to fire an event (create latest market picture) and "push" to all clients? Again, I am not sure how "push" technique can be used in Spring, J2EE world? (pushlet? how reliable? which is also resource intenvise with open socket connections)

Other simpler way could be using Ajax for market picture and poll the database at certain interval of time. I am not sure how efficient this technique could be. If there is no new record in the db, still it will hit database and run a query, frequent database hits will hit the performance, which is a prime concern of the application. Any better suggestions, ideas?