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Recent posts by sean zang

please put java.exe and javac.exe in correct path
19 years ago
In STRUTS framework, Servlet Container is initialized by ApplicationResource files.
20 years ago
Hi, Folks
Seems that Servlet Container could not automatically load updated Properties .So each time servlet Continaer should be restarted to get new date from Properties file. How can we
avoid this redundant action?
20 years ago
Dear All,
we are trying to refacotry the old database system which was completely implemented with 2 tier architecture. we want to migrate from 2 tier to 3 tier and keep all tables in old system. the old system has 100 tables and work pretty well, but it is very hard to do maintenance .Could you please figure out which framework( Struts or EJB) is best solution .
Any comments will be greatly apprecaited
thanks in advance
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20 years ago
Hi ,All
Does anybody use JDBC driver( type4) to connect with MS SQL server 7.0?
i try to test this driver but failed?
Does anyone figure out whats problem with following code:
mport java.sql.*;
class TestMsql7 {
public static void main(String argv[]) {
try {
String url = "jdbc:twtds:sqlserver://;CHARSET=cp950;TDS=4.2";
System.out.println("Attempting to connect..");
Connection con = DriverManager.getConnection(url,"sa","");
System.out.println("Connection establised");
// Create statement
Statement stmt = con.createStatement();
// Execute query
String query = "select * from sales";
// Obtain the result set
ResultSet rs = stmt.executeQuery(query);
System.out.println("JDBC SQL Query : "+query);
System.out.println("Results : ");
// Loop through each result row
while( { // Null point exception
// Print out each field as a string
catch( Exception e ) {
Run Result:
Attempting to connect..
Connection establised
JDBC SQL Query : select * from sales
Results :
at com.thinweb.tds.Tds.b(Unknown Source)
at com.thinweb.tds.Tds.a(Unknown Source)
at Source)
at TestMsql7.main(
Hi,SoonAnn Lim
thanks for you reply !
I have alrady solved by coding in JDBC
Dear All;
MYSQL Query does not support following statements
" SELECT * FROM table1 WHERE id NOT IN (SELECT id FROM table2);
SELECT * FROM table1 WHERE NOT EXISTS (SELECT id FROM table2 where "
Does any JDBC expert tell me how to replace those queries with MYSQL statements?
thanks in advance
Hi Joe,
Congrats! Could you please send me a copy of your study guide?
My E-mail:
20 years ago
Hi, folks
Does anyone show me what's main difference between Coupling and
Cohesion. Simple class diagram demonstration will be greatly appreciated
many thanks
What servlet Container(java Based Web server) Do you use?
If you use Jakarta -tomcat, the response.sendRedirect(URL) works
prety well! The problem is that you can not see out.println("somthing") if you response.sendRedirect(URl) statelmet follows the out.prinltln() because redreicted URL imediately occupy the browser! I use alots sendRedirect in my
project. it works fine. try to use response forward method !
21 years ago
Does anybody use ResourceBundle ? why should we use it?
In the statement:
ResourceBundle rb = ResourceBundle.getBundle("LocalStrings")
What does LocalStrings mean?
thanks in advance
21 years ago
why do not try Jrun 2.3.3? It works perfectly with combination IIs4. Below is my web server configuration:
database: my sql,oracle ,Ms sql
web server II4
servlet Engine Jrun 2.3.3
21 years ago
HI ,all
I encountered this problem before.
you have to wait for 24 hours to download it again after you registe in this site.
Hi,Thomas Paul
Could you please show me a simple code?
many thanks
HI, all
Does anyone know how to handle gif/jpg in Mysql database?
I mean how to save and retrive gif/jpg in the client(broser) through jsp or servlet
thanks in advnace