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Recent posts by sanker san

Amazon web services provides a large number of services to customers. For a person new to web services, this might seem overwhelming and it might take a while to become well-versed in them. Amazon documentation seems to be good in explaining the concepts and ways to invoke the apis. I was wondering whether you could advise on an approach to learn and get well-versed in the important services.
4 years ago
Thank you Johanna! This is great. I will read the book and prepare myself.
6 years ago
I was wondering whether you have any tips and advise for quite experienced folks on finding their next job. A lot of times, it is difficult to find openings that is technologically challenging and rewarding. It is also tiresome to find the best opening out there. Appreciate if you could share some insights. Thank you for your time and help.
6 years ago
Welcome Johanna! Thank you for a great book.
6 years ago
Found bunch of security related questions here

Java security interview questions and answers
7 years ago
The book title aroused my curiosity to find out more about the book. The contents and editorial reviews increased my inquisitiveness. I have seen many people (including me) who are really good in writing code and executing projects but may not succeed a techie interview.

[please ask question in a separate topic]
11 years ago
Please look at demo\samples\noxmldesign report in demo/samples of jasper reports. The java class creates report without an .jrxml file.

Hope that helps!
Can Seam framework be used in servers like WebSphere, Weblogic etc?
11 years ago
I encountered the same error in RAD 7/WAS 6.1. When I tried to add the project, it gave me the error and did not start. But when I tried to start the server from the severs tab,it started fine. Thought of posting it here so that it could help others.
11 years ago
I had the same query in my mind; when I contacted the Sun Customer Care, I was told to stick with the same version I appeared for SCEA part 1.
It is also given in the Assignment Instructions - "Remember the most important requirement of all: it must be J2EE."
For the Part2 [old version of SCEA], Can I use JEE to submit Part2 assignment? esp, JPA instead of entity beans?
Congrats Pramod!

Did you submit your design using J2ee or using JEE technologies?
11 years ago
The assignment for the old SCEA can still be submitted till end of 2008. I think the voucher can be purchased over the phone from SUN and not from the website. Please contact your local SUN office for more details.

I need to fetch a document from the portlet document manager from an application deployed in websphere application server. How can I do that?
12 years ago
Please contact Sun to clarify your doubts.

When I contacted Sun, they gave 2 choices.
1. We can write Part 2 & 3 (Old version) before Dec 08 (Purchase voucher over the phone)
2. Write new version of Part 1 and then continue