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Recent posts by pankaj patil

I depends on when you call the servlet .

you can have design of your own like load the instance one after the other.
depending on the order you wanted
12 years ago
Check for Common Gateway interface provided by Database.
i have not tried the same
Java is compatible with all database like Oracle ,SQL ,MYSQl and many more it is just the way the connection object is to be created.
The API for different Database differ so you have to download a specific API jar like classs12.jar for Oracle and keep the jar in the class path
You can either do database to database transfer using scripts.
Write a code to read from 1st database and insert the same in 2nd database (bad solution)
make use of Calendar class in the java.util package
or make use of Date from the java.util package

14 years ago
i have 2 code
1) Java
2) Pro* c

i have one operation where in my java code pushes some data through socket to the Proc c code.
in the data i capture the time when i am sending the data and the proc code also print the time when it has received the packet from the socket .
but i observed that the time printed in the java code is more the time printed in the proc code .

My java & proc code are in the same unix machine.

Is this behavior of the unix machine?
14 years ago
Can you clearify your Question

if you want to access the jsp page for coding purpose then you cna use ecllipse VSS / microsoft VSS
14 years ago
i have 2 option

1) by using jsp include
2) by using the request.getRealPath("/")

But in the above case i am showing him the path of my application which i don't want too.
And i am not getting why it is behaving in this way

14 years ago
i have a jsp page which is been forwarded from servlet using requet dispatcher
And in that jsp i have included js file using <script langauge="javascript" src="../script/util.js"/>
but the js is not getting loaded.Jsp page gives error when i call any of the function defined in the util.js file

Can any one help me out for same

14 years ago
i am using oracle Advance queuing . in which i have queue table which store the messages.
i have create 1 publisher and subscriber which is pointed to Topic created on the queue table .when the publisher publishes the message its not inserted into the queuetable. It is only inserted when the subscriber recieves the message on the Topic.

Can any one help me out
15 years ago

can you paste your code.
i am trying but getting compile time error
16 years ago

its possibble in 2 ways
1) by converting the date in the db query itself by using to_date
2) by using simpleDateFormat in java
16 years ago