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Recent posts by Dibbo Khan

With the introductions of lambda expressions in Java, is there a possibility that Java too will have a version of its own compile time safe structured query language like Linq?
8 years ago
Netbeans 6 seems to be a dramatic improvement over the earlier pre Netbeans 5 Java IDES.

However is this IDE optimised for the Web apis of Java EE, is Netbeans 6 particularly good for EJB 3 development???
Hi Cameron,

In the most general and high level can I ask you how much of the EJB 3.0 specifications come from Hibernate? Alternatively how much of Hibernate is already in EJB 3?

So what is the advantage of using Hibernate over EJB 3.0???
Is Java Business Integration part of Java EE 6? When is the anticipated final release of Java EE 6???

Are Service Data Objects going to be part of the Java EE 6 Standard or Java SE 7 Standard?
16 years ago
Is Java Business Integration part of Java EE 6? When is the anticipated final release of Java EE 6???
16 years ago
I wouldn't bother to retake an exam just because of a score, the passing score itself is not so low.

If you do retake this exam, take the JEE 5 version and do not retake version 1.4. The exam objectives are very similar and differ only slightly.
When will a version of glassfish for JEE 6 be released???

Are there substantive differences between EJB 3 and EJB 3.1, or do the differrences represent minor tweaks???
I don't think it makes sense to take the EJB 1.3 exam if career advancement is what you are after.

I have based my career advancement on knowledge of the latest technologies. Think of it this way, many people have EJB 2.1 experience and just having certification in EJB 2.x might not open many doors.

But relatively few people have EJB 3 experience, so having certification in EBJ 3 will open many doors.

Secondly, do you want to do dull maintenance work or cutting edge EJB 3.0 work. I prefer development to maintenance any day.
Does the GUI library in Swing have any equivalent of the .NET DataGrid.

This is quite a rich control that displays the results of dataTables, does Java have any equivalent of this???
16 years ago
Watch out,

The official Microsoft Study Guides for the exams and the actual exams are entirely two different things.

So don't expect to read them and pass the test by itself. In fact I think it is better to see a list of the objectives on the Microsoft site and study from general reference books from Apress and Wrox.

Furthermore although the MCPD seem like harder tests, they are actually easier than than the MCTS tests (536, 528 and 529) in fact these are the hardest Microsoft exams I have ever taken.

I would say there is one big difference between the Microsoft and Sun exams, the Sun exams are more theoretical (SCJP is about OO theory in large part) and the Microsoft exams are less theoretical but more detail rich (class library and features of the C# langauge).
Is Seam the basis of Web Beans in the JEE 6 specification proposal. Will Seam technology be significantly altered when it is represented as Web Beans in JEE 6.

EJB 3.0 differs markedly from Spring from Hibernate.

I know that the JEE 6 jsr has been recently sumitted and withdrawn, but looking at it briefly it seemed represent a minimal change in the JEE specification from JEE 5.

Do you know if there are any SOA - Web Services changes proposed for JEE 6.

Furthermore may I ask you if all the changes from JAX-RPC to JWS represent only syntatic sugar???
16 years ago
The person's name is David Cooke, and he works for SUN Training in the UK.

I haven't heard anything else to backup what he says.

Let me explain why this is a sensetive issue and there have been so many queries about JEE 5 exams.

These exams do take alot of preparation, and if you know they are going to come out, then you can choose to wait and prepare for those instead of exhausting yourself preparing for older versions of the exam or for alternative certifications altogether.

-This is the choice for me,

I have finished all my .NET 2.0 certification, if there aren't going to be any new Java EE 5 exams besides the SCBCD 5.0, then I might consider doing the MCITP Database Administrator cert for SQL Server 2005.

But if any other JEE 5 exams or an SCJP 6.0 comes out, then my choice is clear. I will be too tired to do both and won't feel like studying for the JEE5 exams after I am exhausted by studying for other things.


SUN charges an awful lot for its exams, more than Microsoft, Oracle, IBM and so forth, it in in Sun's interest that people prepare for and pay for older versions of the exams before it releases new versions. That is the rationale underlying my assertions that they are not always forthcoming with information about new certifcations in the works.

- Furthermore there has NEVER BEEN AN UNAMBIGUOUS AND CLEAR ANNOUNCEMENT FROM SUN THAT THERE WILL BE NO JEE 5 UPDATE FOR SCWCD AND SCDJWS, only that they would be a ways off if they ever materialized, this is what the FAQ's say.


In the absence of that the queries will continue.
But I have heard conflicting information from different people at SUN. At the London Tech Days last week a representative from SUN Training told me that SCJP 6 would be released in two months, I asked him if he meant the beta and he said he wasn't sure.
Here is the link to the yet to be published book


The reason people are so persistently asking if there will be a JEE 5 version of the SCWCD is that it is common for official sources to deny anything is in the works and then announce a new exam.

Microsoft tends to announce way ahead of time that a new exam will be released but Sun is usually tight lipped about it.

Does anyone know if a new version of SCWCD for JEE 5 is in the works???