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YorZ: Ground Floor Opportunity

We all make choices. YorZ will help people make them better. Join our team and help build a service that matters. One that will help millions of eople make better decisions. We hope to revolutionize a $30+ billion market that impacts all of our lives. YorZ is located in San Mateo, California.

Java Software Engineer

The Software Engineer will help architect, build, and maintain YorZ's
consumer web applications. The ideal candidate will have 4+ years of
experience designing and developing high quality, high volume, maintainable
and extensible web applications in Java. Candidates must thrive in a
startup environment and possess maturity and business savvy. You will be
part of a small but talented startup technology team whose challenge is to
build consumer web applications using agile development processes and open
source tools and components to achieve maximum cost savings without
sacrificing scalability, security, and robustness.

* Participate in functionality and system requirements gathering and
* Design, develop, test and document:
-- Engaging and usable dynamic web application user interfaces
-- Complex database-driven business logic
-- Scalable and robust architectural components and subsystems
* Design, implement and run automated test code and scripts
* Troubleshoot production issues

* Startup mentality (self-starter, proactive, positive, creative, and
* 4+ years of server-side web application development using Java
* 3+ years experience developing for a RDBMS (PostgreSQL preferred)
* Significant object oriented experience including analysis, design and
architectural patterns
* Broad experience with open-source platforms, frameworks and components
such as:
-- Tomcat, JBoss, Spring framework, Struts
-- Lucene, Hibernate, Pluto
-- C-JDBC, HA-JDBC, Swarm Cache, OSCache
-- Apache, SquidCache
* Broad experience with open-source software development and project
automation tools (e.g., CVS, Bugzilla, Maven, JUnit)
* Experience and/or comfort with extreme programming process and practices
including pair programming and test driven development a must
* Experience developing in Unix/Linux environments
* Discipline to document ideas and code in a clear, comprehensive and
organized manner
* Knowledge of web presentation technologies (e.g. XHTML, CSS, JavaScript,
XSL) a plus
* Experience with other production technologies like load-balancers,
clustering, firewalls, encryption, SAN/NAS, networking a plus
* Experience troubleshooting issues in production a plus
* Knowledge of shell scripting, PHP, Perl, Python a plus

Educational Requirements:
* Bachelor/Master degree in computer science or equivalent

Compensation will include a startup salary, health benefits, and
significant equity.

No recruiters please

YorZ is located in San Mateo, California.

Interested and qualified applicants please send a text (ASCII) or HTML
version of your resume to Please include Java Software
Engineer in the subject line of your email and let us know where you found
17 years ago