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Recent posts by FeiWen Cheng

17 years ago
You got a great score!
17 years ago
After waiting for 4 weeks. I get the result today!

Although, it's not a perfect grade, but I am still very happy.
Thanks for everyone who help me.

I learn so much here!

Thank you!
Test: Sun Certified Developer for the Java 2 Platform (310-027)
Date Taken: 2005-03-23 08:40:25.747
Registration Number: l9asyd5111
Site: ti1
Grade: P
Score: 357
Comment: This report shows the total number of points awarded for each section. The maximum number of points is 400, to pass you need a score of 320. Section Summary: Section Max Actual Points Points General Con: 100 88 Documentation: 70 60 OOD: 30 30 GUI: 40 29 Locking: 80 80 Data Store: 40 30 Network Server: 40 40 Total: 400 357
17 years ago
17 years ago
Thanks William. It's so helpful.
Thank you so much.
17 years ago
Thanks William. Would you mind telling more about Java Management servlet? Maybe you can give me a URL about Java management servlet.

Thanks a lot.
17 years ago
I develop a servlet frame work providing the business service. But I got a big problem. There is a bug in my servlet. When the servlet runs for a while, the servlet will crash irregular. The question is:

Quesiton 1:
Now on I get to know the servlet is died by the user's report. Is there any solution to now whether the servlet is work properly automatically?

Question 2:
The only solution I know right now to recovery the servelet is shut down the Tomcat and restart the Tomcat again. (Of course, I am debug my servlet right now! ) Is there any way to restart the servlet without restarting the Tomcat.

Thanks for any help.
17 years ago
If I have a class which only provides static methods, should I declare a private default constructor for this class to prevent someone to create the object instance of this class?

Thanks for any suggestion!
Sorry Frank. I will try to improve my English.

Thanks Jeroen. You know what I mean and I like your idea.

... an attempt to unlock a record which the process attempting to unlock it did not have a lock in the first place ...

This is my question!

Thanks for you help.
Hi I have a stupid quesiton about my unlock method. My assignment is urlybird 1.3.2. The signature of my lock and unlock method are as follows:

The lock and the unlock methods in ordinary should be pair as follows.

My question is .

If someone invokes the unlock method and the record which is exist is not locked before. Is it need to throw the SecurityException from unlock method or do something else in this case? The scenario is as follows:

(The record is exist, and the cookie is fake.)
(I assume someone want to use the function, but he don't know how to use it correctly.)
cookie = 1;

If someone invokes the unlock method and the record which is not exist is not locked before. How to deal with whis case?

(The record is invalid, and the cookie is fake.)
cookie = 1;

I know all this case are came from the programming bug! But I am afraid of there is some trap I miss.

Thanks for any advice.
I have bought the book in amazon, and paid the money by credit card! It's most easy way to pay. I choose the standard shipping and it takes about 3-4 week to ship taiwan. I think it takes the same time to ship to china.
Hi ming!

Please respect the copyright! If every one don't respect the copyright, authors will not write books. I have bought this book on amazon. It's very easy and fast. You should try it.