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Recent posts by Salvador Cecilio

Originally posted by srilatha kareddy:
hi all,

thankyou everyone for helping me to pass this exam.
i got 62 right out of 69.

i read Head first and bridgewater books.
i liked both but i prefer head first and for further certifications i am going to buy head first books

In exam.....
first 8 were design patterns
8 to 9 were drag and drop
2 to 4 from tag files
surprisingly only 3 from EL

i suggest everyone to try out classic tags (different ways we can get parent of tag)
in what sequence listeners,filters and servlets are called.

My next certification will be Rational Application Developer
thanks again for helping out.

one more thing
public static final int EVAL_BODY_AGAIN = 2
public static final int EVAL_BODY_BUFFERED = 2

both are having value 2 so practically doStartTag can return EVAL_BODY_AGAIN

all the best for all who are preparing for exam

Yes, I remember a question dealing with those constants when I took the exam.

Originally posted by birenshah shah:
hi salvador
can u tell me the score of the exams that u take in last 4-5 days before exam.
i am planning to give exam after 4 days
please help me
thanks in advance


HFSJ 62%
Enthuware Test#4: 81%
Enthuware Test#5: 76%
Enthuware Test#6: 88%
Enthuware Test#7: 72%

Every test I took, I learned of more possible ways Sun could test me.

I studied very hard and wrote down notes to organize everything together. For example, I would put all my session management pages or forwarding techniques on one page.

Class diagrams are important since they test you on exactly which class a method belongs to, like where methods from ServletRequest and HttpServletRequest.

When taking the exam, I was able to use the process of elimination to do well on the multiple answer questions. I actually felt that I could have gotten a higher score had I waited another week, but I wanted to get the test out of the way.
I was able to get an 89% by studying about 100 hours with no job J2EE experience.

Two months should be sufficient for you.
yes, setStatus() and sendError() are both seen on the exam.

The log() method as well. You need to know what class has this method.

I wouldn't put much emphasis on the <display-name> <icon> <description> elements. Just know that they exist.
I live north of DC along I-270 and just got my SCWCD today.

There is still so much stuff I still need to know. I would think that the knowledge required to pass the SCEA would better prepare you for the job interview.

Java Development is highly sought after in the Washington DC area. You'll see advertisements for J2EE developers.

I have found that the easiest way to get into an interview in your position is to attend the local college job fairs since they are receptive to "newbies".

As far as job offers, I guess I'll have to see how my SCWCD affects the number of offers I might get.
I found this odd since passing the real exam today. Here are some mock exam scores that I got in the past 3 weeks leading up to today.

JavaRanch Mock Exam: 75%

WhizLabs Sample: 56%

Enthuware JWebPlus 7 Exams ($35): Mostly 72%-78%, got 81% on Test #4 and 88% on Test #6

HFSJ Mock Exam: 62% (very tough - "choose all that apply" questions)

Real Exam - 89%

The real exam had some questions on it that were literally seen on Enthuware and HFSJ mock exams. The questions were not as tricky as questions I've seen on mock exams.

I guess that taking a number of mock exams does help you on the real exam even if you aren't scoring well. Make sure you understand why you got the answer wrong (or right) on every mock exam.
This is very confusing.

I am unable to get the exception after explicitly flushing the PrintWriter object. I have been able to get the error if I set the content type to a binary type and use an OutputStream instead of PrintWriter.
How did you do on the mock exams before you took the SCWCD?
How difficult are the IBM certifications compared to Sun's?
Hmmmm I have some caching issues with my browsers that make testing very difficult. I've been able to get it to work with the Descriptor above but the changes seen on the browser are erratic.
Anyone get Implicit Includes to work?

I'm not getting any errors in the catalina.xxxx-xx-xx.log file.

Here's the deployment descriptor:
What is the purpose of the <realm-name> element in the Deployment Descriptor?

Also I'm having trouble figuring out what a "realm" is.

Originally posted by Marc Peabody:

As Paul shows, you don't actually change the parameters but by wrapping the request you make your application see the kind of values you want it to see. When the app asks the request for a parameter, it doesn't know that the request is wrapped and giving it a special, new-and-improved version of the original parameter.

Wrapping the request is like gold-plating costume jewelry. You're not changing the original product (only coating it), yet you fool everyone into thinking the product is better than it really is!

Yeah, that makes a lot more sense, and I thought I knew my decorator patterns.
Chatting and studying as a group really helps.

I wouldn't mind meeting in an Instant Messaging Chatroom (since many of us are thousands of kilometers away from each other) where we can discuss topics.
Hmmm didn't know you could modify parameters.

I'm looking at the API of the HttpRequestWrapper and would use the getParameter() method to access the parameter.

The question I have is how do you modify the parameter values when data has been submitted via querystring or posted.