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Recent posts by Leonardo Pjetri

ok so its all due to how recursion works.
and if it starts from H it will only show the once below it. not A and the right side of A?
15 years ago
and how is it getting from I to B.
since from A it goes to the left until if finds null.
15 years ago

i can understand how this method goes all the way down to G (see image at link).
since G's left side is null it comes out of recursion and goes to System.out.print(node.data + " ");
now it tries to do inorderHelper(node.right); but since G has no right it should come out of that and that should be the end of it right?

i dont get how this code makes it go up to H then I after it has been to G.

im not getting the logic behind this can someone explain it please
15 years ago
Hi everyone
here is the new link, the updated version:


15 years ago
here is the webstart version with some updates

or get the jar here:

-pones move in turn

[ March 19, 2006: Message edited by: Leonardo Pjetri ]
15 years ago
thanks Satou for the feedback
yea i have a lot to do still :roll:
but keep an eye out for updates..
15 years ago
You can promote pone into any piece.
Im working on the rest and don�t have a notation system per say.

Looks like you know your game �.
15 years ago
Hi all
I didn�t know where to go with this so here goes
I�m a student and working on chess program for my final year,
is not all that, it just for two players it doesn�t have vs machine option at the moment. Im working on just getting this part right then if I have time I�ll come up with some sort of ai for it.
when i started out I thought it was gone be simple, but the coding has cramped up.
Anyway im telling you this because I need your feedback, have a look at it and see what you think all comment are welcomed, it will help me get a better grade my supervisor tells me.
Is not finished yet this is my lets say v1.0 beta release

Here is the link to the program
Download it.
Unzip it.
Run the jar file.
Any problems let me know

Some of the sound is not playing in the jar format, I don�t know why�like when you press �about this game� button you should here a sound.

Anyway I�ll keep working on it and update you guys as I go.
And if any of you know a better/right place to post this let me know also.

Thank you in advance..
15 years ago
here is how the cookie is detected

im trying to add a button, when clicked it kills the cookie, but so far no success
16 years ago
Yea I jumped the gun on this one
But initially I was thinking in terms of Borland�s ide and maybe it has some build in easy way to turn your project into jar/exe�
If you are thinking of doing a text editor type of search then a regular search will do,
but if your doing some sort of booking system where you have to do multiple searches then I suggest sorting them first then perform tree searches on them.
it all depends on what you�re doing
16 years ago
what's the easiest way to do that, i'll be using "Borland JBuilder 2005 Developer" !


ups has been asked before
[ January 11, 2006: Message edited by: Leonardo Pjetri ]
@ Paul i see what you mean thanks got it:

@ Bear done
I have 2 tables.
I look through the first table to find all the records that have the users email and display them, but part of the information is in the table 2. so I need to compare id (item) in table one with the one in table 2 so I can get the item�s description from table 2.

hope this makes sense

[ January 08, 2006: Message edited by: Leonardo Pjetri ]