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Recent posts by Thilina Annakkage

I like to have several menu-config.xml files, one for each module in my application. I wonder whether it is possible to achieve this.

I tried several ways, and I get XML parser error.

Here is what I tried.

In web.xml,


Is it possible to have separate menu-config.xml for each module?
16 years ago
Hi all,

I am trying to use jscookMenu with Struts Tiles definition template.
When I try to call my page I get 'element.jscook_action' is null or not an object. And then my menu does not show up.

I wonder whether anybody used jsCookMenu with tiles definition templates?? My guess is that there is some confliction amoung Javascripts, JSF, and tiles definition templates. I am able to get most of the common h:, f: and t: tags work with tiles, only the jsCookMenu is giving problems.

Any comments/suggetions will be greatly appreciated.

Here is the full description of my problem.

My index.jsp page calls welcome.jsp.

Welcome.jsp looks like this

<%@ taglib uri="" prefix="tiles" %>
<tiles:insert definition="" flush="true" />

My tiles-defs.xml got the following definitions


<definition name="layout" path="/pages/layout.jsp">
<put name="title" value="Sample Page Title" />
<put name="header" value="/pages/header.jsp" />
<put name="footer" value="/pages/footer.jsp" />
<put name="menuBody" value="/pages/menu.jsp" />
<put name="body" value="" />

<definition name="" extends="layout">
<put name="body" value="/pages/welcome_body.jsp"/>


My menu.jsp looks like following

<%@ taglib uri="" prefix="f"%>
<%@ taglib uri="" prefix="t"%>

<f:loadBundle basename="bundle.Messages" var="Message"/>
<t:jscookMenu layout="hbr" theme="ThemeOffice">
<t:navigationMenuItem id="nav_1" itemLabel="Home" action="go_display" />

My welcome_body.jsp page is a plain simple JSP with some html tags

In web.xml, I set the filter and filter-mapping




Thanks again in advance
18 years ago
Thanks Ashok. I bought it already.

Thanks so much
Because there is a possibility that bean is in the pool. ejbLoad cannot be called on a bean in the pool. So, ejbActivate will be called before ejbLoad in this case.

Please see the life cycle diagram in page 320 of HFEJB for more clarification.

Hi Deepa

When I was studying HFEJB, I made my own notes, in my own words. I found that writing notes down in my own words helps me to remember. coffee cram exams and sharpen pencil questions helps a lot, so don't skip them. If you need a break for a change, try questions in as well.

Here is how I prepared for the exam.
1. First read a chapter in HFEJB, and took notes in my own words.
2. Did all the sharpen pencil questions, and coffee cram exam for that chapter.
3. Then went to and did questions of that particular chapter.
4. Then carried on to the next chapter, and repeated steps 1-3.

I hope this will help.
Hi Paul

The questions in are similar to the real exam. However, as does not tell you how many answers to select, but the real exam does, I found that real exam is easier. When I did mock exams in, I got about 80%, but I got 91% for real exam.

However, I have some doubts about a few answers given in their mock exam. Some of them are discussed in this forum.

Hello everyone,

I like to buy professional XML 2nd edition. If you want to sell yours could you please email me ( ). I live in Toronto, Canada.

I tried The book is out of print there. I placed an order for used book, but no luck so far. I tried, and they don't ship it to Canada.

Congratulations Raghavendra.

I wish you all the best for SCBCD. I recently did it. I used K&B HFEJB and
18 years ago
Congratulations, well done!
18 years ago
Thanks Nick and Mikalai for the advice
I recently passed SCWCD and SCBCD.

I am planning to do IBM XML test 141, and SCDJWS before the end of this year. Which one I should do first? I am thinking of doing IBM XML first? Could anybody give me suggestions, please.
18 years ago
Impressive score! Congratulations
18 years ago

I also had the same weird problem about survey keeps coming, and the Exam Admin had to re-boot the computer.
18 years ago