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hi Max

I'm a web application developer in China. I have sent my resume to you, waiting for your reply...
16 years ago
btw, I cleared 285 this morning, only scored 70%.

Some questions are over detailed as you guys indicated from this forum.

I will study WSAD bit by bit to prepare for 286 exam.

Any way, I will take a good rest from tomorrow cos I caught a cold yesterday.

Also, I have joined the group of IBM340 hosted in Yahoo.

Thanks for your invitation!
29. Running the command script 'backupConfig' makes a backup copy of which directories in addition to the Web server plug-in files?
A. <as-root>\AppServer\properties
B. <as-root>\AppServer\config\.repository
C. <as-root>\AppServer\config\backup
D. <as-root>\AppServer\config\cells
E. <as-root>\AppServer\config\templates
F. <as-root>\AppServer\installedApps
G. <as-root>\AppServer\logs
(select 2)

yes, I run backupConfig and got 3 folder included:

So this item should select B D E
hi Vikrama

I got 84.5% with my 340 exam. The quesions in my exam are about 70% different from yours, I looked through your items, worked to give my own answer. Following is the list of our difference(answers with an bracket indicate my answer):
10. c(b)
17. c(b)
18. b d(be)
25. b(a)
29. b f(de)
32. c(a)
36. a c d(abe)
38. a b(bd)
44. b(a)
48. d(a)

btw: For the items number 11, 13, 16 and 37. I could give the answer at present, need further investigation. You can search the redbook for help.

Wish this info will help you with 340 exam.

Good luck!
[ December 27, 2004: Message edited by: Steven Zheng ]
hi Vikrama

I have a quick glance at your questions about 340, and some questions need to be investigated. cos I will take 285 exam tomorrow morning, I promise to give my answer asap.
where could I get "Developing Web Services using WSAD 5.1.1"

I could not find this red book within

Would you please give me the link to this book?

I'm fresh to this website and I am so exciting to see all of you guys share your experience and give some guide to clear some exam.
I wanna share a little with you about DB2 700,701 and WAS 340

Just before the Xmas Eve, I take 3 exam: DB2 700&701 and WebSphere Application Server test 340.

Among the 3, DB2 701 is difficult, for I have no time to read all the tutorials from developerWorks. I skipped a very important chapter "Backup and Recovery". I only read half of the chapter "Monitoring DB activity". As a result, I only got 4/10 for the Backup and Recovery section and only 3/11 for Monitoring DB2 Activity section.

DB2 701 required 61% to pass, I only get 62.9%

to pass this DB2 700&701 testing, in my mind, if you have some database experience before, go through the tutorial of ibm developerworks is enough. Here is a very good article to read:
You can find the useful reference there and thus you can pass the exam.

For WAS 340 testing, it checked some detailed info of WebSphere Applicaion Server 5. Fortunately, I have been testing WAS5 for some months. I recommend those want to take this exam, read this book "IBM WebSphere Application Server V5.1 System Management and Configuration WebSphere Handbook Series" You can find this book from (reference number sg246195).

I am glad to reply to you if you post your question here.