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Recent posts by dennis du

In my opinion,conceptly EJB3 is the same with EJB2.
EJB3 has adopt annotation to simplize the EJB2 programming.

So I think HF EJB will help
I am wondering that:Can I use HF EJB to get a whole idea of EJB,then use EJB3 specification as supplement for the EJB3 test?
I just clear this with 72% in Valentine's day.Thanks God!
It is gift for my wife.

The score is not that high. But I like it.
I just want to clear it.

This exam blocked me from many other learning.
And I think I won't get a lot from it.

For it covers too many knowledge and without good books like First Head series, it is pretty harder than other certification. I think it is wrong decision for me to clear it in stead of others.

Thanks All the guys from Javaranch, specially to MZ.

Anyway, I got time to celebrate with my wife and go to the next.
16 years ago
I am preparing SCDJWS now.

In my opinion, SCDJWS is more useful than SCBCD.

In this world , who is using SCBCD?

But SCDJWS is adopting more and more.....

But I will try SCBCD after SCDJWS, there are some advanced ideas/designs in it.
IBM's XML certification exams only covers technologies related to XML.
It is only one part of scdjws.

For sure, scdjws is more valuable and more difficult than IBM's XML certification.

I am preparing for scdjws now.
I need that PDF too.

Thanks a lot!
Cleared SCWCD this morning.

I switched to Web app on September 2006(before I was good at J2SE).
With head first's help, I built web app pretty fast. I am proud of that.
I used struts/spring for the coding.

But for the certification preparation, it is harder than coding.
There are too much thing need to be remembered.
Just as mentioned in the HF, some of the tech I will never use them
in my left life. It is some weird for me to learn them.

I like the score I got. And the HF/spec help me a lot. Other mock exams
do bad effect on me. For useless tech point(stale), wrong answer/wrong explaination.

The exam is pretty easier than the final exam from HF(I clear that with 62%).

Which is the next???
hi ,

In fact , I prefer using JSTL to replace the logic tags from struts.

in JSTL, you can use <c:forEach var="entry" items=${HashMapObject}">
Value = ${entry.value}
17 years ago
I agree with Satou kurinosuke.

c:remove will remove attrbutes in any scope.
It will only call : JspContext.removeAttribute(String attribute);
Your error show me that your installed version is source version.

It is not compiled yet. Maybe you should complile it at first.

Or otherwise, you should download a binary version to run it.

Hope it will work.
Maybe you add exra space in the uri:

<%@ taglib prefix="c" uri=" " %>

delete it , then retry:
<%@ taglib prefix="c" uri="" %>

This uri is located in WEB_INF / WEB-INF/sub / jar(META-INF) /jar(META-INF/sub).

the jar file should be: standard.jar
For <jsp:useBean> tag , there is a default scope ="page" ,if you miss it.

But for the EL, it will search from page->request->session->application

That's it.

And at last, I don't think there are some reasons for the HF to change the scope from request->page.
No, I think JVM will garentee the safety for you.

You should not care about this kind of things.
Satou kurinosuke , you are so good.

I think it should be sure for missing the prefix declaration.

It is some interesting to think of that.
You should use iterator to remove them.

Iterator iterator=list.iterator();

So you can scan and remove all of them. It is more reasonable.