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Recent posts by Leslie Gill

Hi! I need some advice on using FileOutputStream. Please look at the following line of code:
OutputStream o = new FileOutputStream(new File("hold.txt"));
Is this a valid line of code? And will it create, but not open, the file hold.txt?
Thanks for your help!
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20 years ago
Hi! I am fairly new to Java and I am interested in learning JSP. I work from home and would like to know the best hardware/network configuration for creating and testing servlets. For example, do I need a separate server connected to a workstation to somewhat replicate a "real world" situation? What type of hardware is best? etc. Any information is greatly appreciated!
21 years ago
Is it possible to do the following:
1. declare a static variable inside a method
2. have the method return the value of this variable
3. use this method in the main method of the same class to assign the result to a variable
I am getting an error when compiling. Error states that static is "illegal start of expression". If I remove the word static, it compiles and runs without error. I just don't completely understand static variables, and I'm having a hard time finding resources to explain it properly.
Thank you for your help!

Originally posted by Rakesh Sharma:
Dear Becky
Member variable & Instance variables are the same thing. These are the variables which are declared in the class and used for the creation of object.
Local varables are the varables defined inside a method. These are used inside that particular method only and cannot be accessed outside that methods.
Hope this clarifies.

21 years ago