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Recent posts by Indy

even though it is merely a request, I am willing to do so. remember you introduced me to this site, two months ago, Paul?
but, how can I tack my last name? you said it is unchangeble, right?
My first language is not English. Talking to my real name, it does make some sense in my native language, which I love. However, writing in English character, "Indy" is the name I always wanted(I am not kidding ). Since you mentioned lots of memories will be wasted, in this case, I am gonna change my real name, let those offices do the hard work--an alternative way to match the request.
Enjoy the summer.
I took the exam during the memorial weekend, scored 88%.(much lower than Ajith's, so I'd better not put it in the subject. by the way, congratulations, Ajith) It still made me happy, at least for the long weekend. First of all, I want to say, thank you, thank you, all of you. I couldn't have done it without your help. I feel lucky to find this place for preparing the exam.
Based on few programming experience, I spent three months studying java. Books I used, includ RHE, Exam Cram, and Sun's toturial. For all the avaliable mock exams, I have done them twice, improved a lot at the second time, of course. I went through all the discussion threads here, took me almost one week.
But it is definitely worth it. During the real exam, I finished the test in one hour. I have to say, it is not very hard, at least, I didn't get the impression that it was as hard as khaild's. Otherwise I couldn't have scored this high. Pretty straightforward. Focus on the basic theories, don't have to stuck with those tricky, worded questions of mock exams for too long. I got a fill-in-blank question too, invloving whether adding smeicolon or not--I choosed adding. Coz, I thought that would make the code compele. Well, I don't know if the correct answer, if Ajith is sure about that's why he didn't ace the exam, then I suggest those who are going for the test should be careful about this. My tips may be helpful for those newcomers of java. It sure needs you studying hard, but you will feel good in paying-off day. Never give up.
Good luck. ANd thank you again! Thank you very much, javaranch.
Thank you very much! satya, eric, maha. This indeed kicks out some blanks of my java knowledge.
Congratulations! Eric. Hard studying finally is paying off.
Looking for a java job in NYC? I don't know any group there, but I know the market there for C++ and java is kind of good. Good luck in your future.
null is said to be reserved word in R/H. But from what I understand, normally, java just need to distinguish what are keyword and reserved words, what could be valid for identifier.
do they really care which are keywords, which are reserved words? I don't think so. at least, it shouldn't be worried in real exam.
This topic has been discussed before. So in exam, when "keywords" is mentioned, we can assume it means "keyword and reserved word".
Please correct me if I am wrong.
I have another question is, we all know, in one file, only one public class is allowed. However, public base class and public subclass are allowed to exist together, is this correct?
Thank you.
what is the result of compiling and executing?
Public class StaticTest2{
1: public static void main(String[] args){
2: me().run();
3: }
4: public static StaticTest2 me(){
5: System.out.print("Me");
6: return null;
7: }
8: public static void run(){
9: System.out.println("Run");
10: }
The answer is"Me Run will be printed to the system console".
What I don't understand is line 4, the method declaration,
"classname methodname"---is it legal in any sense? And, if me()
method is legal, then we could call run() method in this way?
Thanks a lot.
you guys've done a terrific job. I have all my doubtness cleared.
Thank you very very very much!
Marcus, that really lightern up my mood.
this "1++" is still bugging me.
Ajay. I compiled and run your code. as expected, the output is:
i = 0
i = 1, j = 0
the second line makes prefect sense, the assingment happens first, j was assigned to 0. then i incremented from 0 to 1.
however, to the first line, i to the left hand was assigned to 0.
then what about the increment?? the execution should give i the value of 1. what am I missing here?? please help.
Thanks in advence.
I don't get it either:
i=i++, undoubtedly, i is assigned first to 0 before the increment, however, after the assignment, i should be incresed to 1 while the ++ is execused. I can't compile it right now, if Suresh has the code compiled and run already, then, the compiler should be correct. anyone clear it please?
by the way, Suresh, could you tell me the site of the complete version of Marcus's 3? mine only contain 39 questions. Thanks in advance.
I was experiencing the same as you are, Smithani. With few programming knowledge, on this java road, I am only one month ahead of you. I agree with what they have posted here. At the very beginning, honestly, I might mixed the points of truly learning java and getting a certificate. I rushed a little bit too hard, even after I have done many mock exames, I still found out I missed some basic theories. Or maybe that's the way it should be.(figure out what you are mistaken, then come back, make up). Right now, I am thinking about learning a new thing with interest rather than just getting a certificate for showing around in job hunting. Undoubtedly, it helps my studying easier and faster and DEEPER.
After the first time reading R/H, I am very sure right now that there were not so much left in my mind by then. SO, I did mock tests, came here to see these discussions, then, I returned back to R/H, "sudderly",
lots of senses were discovered. I have one more suggestion, which is, you don't have to stick to one book. Other books may expressed some points at more clear ways or fill the blank which you missed in R/H. Exam Cram is one of these, I picked it out by seeing lots of guys here had a strong recommedation on it. And also some tutorials on the web. The exam schedule isn't needed your attention much, coz it can be changed anytime. One day when you are ready, you will know.
thoug I am pretty new here, still hope this will be helpful to you.
Good luck.
Exception subclass only contains checked exceptions, unincluding Runtime exceptions. so 2) should be true, right?
I am putting some of my opinions, please correct me if I am wrong.
2)is true. That's what instanceof is for. the question just particularly mentioned it's for "primitive wrapper class". but no difference.
Actually, I have the same doubtness as you do. we all know that "interface can not be instantiated". we must be missing something here, someone please clear it.
That's right, all the variables in interface are final and static. And those methods in interface, they don't have body at all, how can they access any variable from anywhere.
I don't think we are able to access static method through reference. if we can, we will have not only one copy of static method along with references.
(My version of mock 3, which only have 39 questions, doesn't contain this question. But according to what you have put here, I agree with your answer, 1) should be the right one.) after I post my message, I see Ajith's reply. now I know why. Thank you.
[This message has been edited by Indy (edited May 11, 2000).]
please excuse me for add one more message to this already-fire-to sky thread.
Just want to say congratulations to maha anna. and thank you very much maha. good luck in your work.
I am speechless. (I told meself being very careful while reading every question...)